How do Seamwork memberships work?

When you join Seamwork you can download two patterns from our collection each month. The patterns will be saved in your pattern library and can be downloaded as many times as you like, forever.

How do Seamwork credits work?

Paid Seamwork subscribers can download two patterns from our collection each month. If the patterns from the current issue aren’t to your liking, you can choose anything else from our collection instead. Seamwork credits do not expire.

If you cancel your paid Seamwork membership you will not be able to use any existing credits you have, but you will get all of them back if you renew your paid membership at a later date.

Using your Seamwork credit is easy — just find a pattern you like and you’ll be able to download it immediately as long as you have credit available. Patterns you own are shown on your download page. You may download these as often as you wish; they do not deduct from your available credits.

Do I need an paid membership to read Seamwork articles?

No! Seamwork articles are free to read on the web or to download in PDF format for reading on an iPad or other mobile device. While we do require an account to downoad the PDF versions, you will not be charged and do not need to enter any payment information.

How does the Seamwork referral program work?

If you have an active Seamwork membership, you can find your unique referral link here. Use this link on your blog or social media, and when someone signs up using your link, they’ll get $3 off and you’ll get your next month free!

Your paid membership must be active in order to benefit from free referral months, and any accumulated credits are lost if your membership is cancelled.

What size range to Seamwork patterns come in?

All Seamwork patterns are sized from 0–26 or XS–3XL, depending on the type of garment. To see what that means in real terms, please refer to the Colette size charts.

How do digital PDF patterns work?

Working with digital patterns is easy! If you’ve never used PDF patterns before, you can find detailed instructions here.

Can I open my pattern downloads on my iPad?

Some of our digital patterns and ebooks are delivered as a single zip file containing two or more PDFs. The iPad cannot download zip files on its own, but there are two ways to handle this:

  1. Download the file to your computer, unzip it there, and copy the PDFs to your iPad. Current versions of Windows, Mac OS X, or other operating systems will usually unzip these files automatically when you download them, but you occasionally may have to locate the file in your Downloads folder and double click it to open it.
  2. Install an app on your iPad that provides this functionality. WinZip is a free app that can handle this for you.
Do you have gift memberships available?

We sure do. You can purchase a gift membership for 6, 12, or 24 months. You can optionally enter your recipeint’s name and email address to have the gift code delivered directly to them. If you leave these fields empty, the code will be emailed to you so you can write it in a card or give it to them another way.

How do I redeem a gift code?

To redeem a gift code you have received, begin by creating your account on the Seamwork membership page (or sign in if you already have a Seamwork account). Then, on the payment page, simply click the link to enter a gift code rather than a credit card number.

Can I buy a full one year membership in advance?

At this time, Seamwork memberships are ongoing, billed automatically each month on the anniversary of your signup date. You can cancel any time from your account page.

Can I purchase patterns from back issues?

Yes! You can find all the previous Seamwork patterns here.

What currency are your prices in? Do you take international payments?

We have readers worldwide and welcome international payments. We are based in Portland, Oregon, and so our prices are all in USD.

How do I cancel my paid membership?

We hate to see you go, but you can cancel your paid Seamwork membership at any time from your account page. Just click the “Cancel your account” link and confirm on the following page. This will immediately cancel your paid membership and remove your payment details from our site.

If you cancel your paid Seamwork membership you will not be able to use any existing credits you have, but you will get all of them back if you renew your paid membership at a later date. Patterns already on your downloads page will remain available after you cancel.

I have a question that isn’t answered here.

No problem! For questions that aren’t addressed here, please send us an email.