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Mailbag: Actionable Ways to Sew More Sustainably

Wondering how you can sew more sustainably? In this episode, Sarai and Haley share four main ways to consider your environmental impact when sewing, including a bunch of actionable tips from the community.

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Latest Episodes

  • Episode 6
    The Opposite of Creative Block with Leah Price

    After spending ten years in what she describes as almost complete isolation, caring for her two children with special needs, Leah discovered a deep and abiding creative energy in repurposing what is unloved and wasted.

  • Episode 5
    A Dream of Self-Sufficiency with Morgan Meredith

    From the time she was little, Morgan knew she wanted a life that she could control. But when her husband decided to join the military, she thought those dreams might be shattered.

  • Episode 4
    It's Worth It with Sadie Roberts of Tradlands

    Sadie Roberts and her partner started their label, Tradlands, without a lot of money or experience. Hear Sadie's story of starting a US-made clothing label from the ground up, and how and why labels like hers can thrive.

  • Episode 3
    The Proud Sewist with Matthew Holloway

    Growing up in Oklahoma, Matthew always had the sense that he wasn't "normal." As he grew up, he began to ask questions. What's wrong with being interested in "feminine" things?

  • Episode 2
    Making Your Own Mold with Charlie Wensley

    Before she rediscovered her love of making clothes, Charlie Wensley struggled to meet expectations about the kind of person she thought she was supposed to be, culminating in a battle with post-natal depression.

  • Episode 1
    A Radical Change in Confidence with Jenny Rushmore

    Jenny Rushmore founded Cashmerette and The Curvy Sewing Collective. She's a woman who exudes confidence in everything she does. But it wasn't always this way. Learn how Jenny overcame childhood bullying and found her voice in the sewing community.