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How to Stay Excited About Your Sewing Queue

Episode 194: Tricks for keeping a fun, balanced list of projects to sew.

Posted in: Seamwork Radio Podcast, Creativity & Mindset • May 27, 2024 • Episode 194

You create a sewing queue with the best of intentions, but sometimes you can still find yourself stuck. Or, sometimes, you turn into a magpie and constantly get distracted by sewing projects.

There are some tricks to staying excited about your sewing queue, and most of it involves making sure your queue is balanced and flexible.

In this week’s podcast episode, you’ll learn how to choose your next project and get tips you can rely on to keep your queue interesting.

Below are the show notes for this podcast episode, a brief summary of what’s covered, and a full transcript.

How to Stay Excited About Your Sewing Queue

To keep your sewing queue from feeling stale, you need some tricks to pick projects that will entice you. Here are a few ideas.

Start with something that motivates you

Start with a low-effort and high-reward project. What does this look like? Choose something easy to sew and easy to wear or use, like a T-shirt or a tote bag.

You can also consider making an outfit rockstar—something you’ll wear in a lot of outfits. When you consider a pattern, bring it into your closet and see how many of your clothes it will pair with. If it’s something you’ll wear all the time, you’ll feel motivated to finish it.

Then move on to something that builds momentum and excitement

After you kickstart your queue with something easy and satisfying, choose something that will build momentum and excitement.

Pick something you can style your most recent project with. This could even be an accessory out of your leftover scraps.

Or, choose something that will fill a really big wardrobe gap. Do you need more T-shirts or a new pair of jeans?

Now, keep the momentum balanced

When you’re feeling motivated to sew, it helps to have a few tricks to keep that momentum going. The key is to keep your queue feeling balanced so it doesn’t become a burden.

You can alternate between high-intensity and low-intensity sewing projects.

This could mean choosing a project with skills that are familiar to you and then moving on to a project that teaches you new skills.

Throw in some accessories and home goods if it ever feels overwhelming only to sew clothes.

If you’re ever stuck in the midst of your queue, here are a few gimmes:

  • What color thread is in my serger right now?

  • What project do I have all the supplies for?

  • Make something you’ve sewn before so it feels approachable

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