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Why do you sew?

We bet it’s about more than just the clothes.

Many of us come to sewing because we love clothes and all the self-expression they give us. Clothes are fun, and making them is inspiring.

But a funny thing happens when you start to sew. You discover all the other ways that sewing helps you to feel empowered.

You find that you can think about your body differently, with more compassion and less judgment. You discover your own creative voice, and that creativity makes you feel more whole. And as you build your skills over time, you stretch yourself and begin to feel a sense of confidence that you can do things most people wouldn’t dream of.

Seamwork is here to help you. We’re a community of creative sewists, here to lift each other up, offer encouragement, share ideas, and build skills. We’d love to be part of your journey too.

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A great handmade wardrobe starts with a clear plan. Our planning toolkit includes fun, easy worksheets that help you map out what you want to make each season.

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