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About Us

The Seamwork Purpose

We believe in spreading creativity. Each of us has a deep need to be creative. But it is easy to lose that will to create in the reality of our daily lives.

Things are faster, easier, and more convenient than ever before. Technology makes it easy to become distracted for hours, easy to buy more than we need, easy to ignore the people around us–and ourselves. Fast fashion is accessible and inexpensive, but there are hidden costs to our planet and global communities.

Instead of easy, we choose creativity. It’s a path that challenges us and forces us to slow down. It causes us to question what we truly need. It also brings us a deep sense of gratification, pride, and joy.

To make your own clothing is to say yes to the challenge, yes to the deeper joy, and yes to ourselves. It is a way to infuse creativity deeply into our everyday lives and feel connected to who we are and our impact on the world.

We each have a limited amount of time in our lives. We simply can’t make more of it. But we can choose what to do with it. We can make a choice to place our attention on the acts of creativity that fill us up and bring beauty into our lives. We can choose to pay attention to ourselves, and inspire others to do the same. We can connect around our passion, encouraging each other to become more thoughtful, aware, and self-sustaining.

We spread creativity by supporting the creativity that’s in each of us: through learning, practice, and a community of friendship.

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Committed to Making a Difference

Seamwork is a Certified B Corp. For us, success cannot only be measured by profit; it is measured by how that profit is used to fulfill our purpose while providing value for all of our stakeholders. We see our company as part of a much larger and more complex ecosystem.

Download our 2022 impact report here.

Our Team

We create a supportive, empowering place to work that contributes meaning to our co-workers' lives. We practice transparency through a commitment to Open-Book Management, and give everyone a chance to share in the rewards through our gain-sharing bonus program.

Our Members

Our members are as excited about our purpose as we are, and they are truly our partners in spreading creativity. Every day, we work to create the tools and resources that serve your needs and help you build a creative life.

Our Communities

We actively look for ways to have positive effects in the communities we are part of, both globally and locally. We support and contribute to community initiatives and examine our economic impact.

Our Planet

Fast fashion has had devastating effects on our planet. By creating thoughtful alternatives and sharing information, we help provide a full range of options for becoming more conscious consumers.

Certified B Corp

A note from our founder, Sarai:

“I’ve always endeavored to create a small business driven by purposes and values. For me, this means defining ourselves by actions rather than words. It isn’t enough to say what we believe in; it’s about how we treat employees, relate to our customers, treat the planet, and engage with the global community.”

We Support

We commit ourselves to these efforts by raising awareness, and by donating 3% of our profits and at least 1% of paid employee time to organizations working for social and environmental change.

Garment Workers’ Rights

We support organizations that advocate for fair working conditions within the global garment industry.

Sustainable Consumerism

Our choices make a difference. By learning about the ecological impact of our fabric, clothing, and other purchases, we can lessen our harm and curb our consumption.

Youth Entrepreneurship & Leadership

Everyone deserves access to positions of leadership. We work with organizations that develop these skills in traditionally underserved communities and populations.

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We are a purpose-driven company that believes in the power of creativity in all aspects of life, including work life. Learn more about our values and what makes working here so special.

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