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Episode 25

How do I Get Rid of Clothes I've Made?

Decluttering handmade clothing is HARD. We get attached to things we’ve made with our own two hands. Learn five questions to ask yourself, and three practical tips to help you move your handmade clothes to the donation pile when it’s time.

Do you find it difficult to get rid of things that you’ve made? Does it make you feel like you failed in some way? Or do you just have an emotional attachment to the things you created with your own two hands?

In this episode, Haley shares five questions that you can ask yourself if you’re having trouble getting rid of stuff you’ve made:

  1. Why keep it? Is it an heirloom? Is it to remember something about it? Is it to use again in the future?
  2. Does it make me feel good? Can I make it make me feel good?
  3. Could you repurpose?
  4. Will someone else love it more? Think about the person who will find it!
  5. Do you really want to keep EVERYTHING? Or just special stuff?

Haley also shares three tips for convinding yourself to keep less of the stuff that you don’t need. Get rid of that guilt and clean out your closet with us!

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