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10 Things I learned From Sewing a Bra Every Week

Can I whip up a perfectly fitting bra in a day? No. Do I have a lingerie drawer stocked full of gorgeous lingerie? Yes! By Orla McGreal.

Posted in: Creativity & Mindset • November 30, 2021

“What would you be doing with 52 bras?” My mother asked when I announced I was doing the bra-a-week challenge. It was mid-November 2019, and we had just spent a lovely weekend in London. Me, at a bra-making course learning to make my first bra. She, galivanting around the museums and cafes, soaking up the London scene.

2020 was the year I would make one bra or undergarment a week. I had many other plans too—but you can guess what happened to them!

So what did I learn from making underthings once a week?

Am I a lingerie expert now?

Looking back, I can proudly say I did it! I made a bra, swimsuit, bikini, bodysuit, some oh-so-lacy, and other oh-so-comfy knickers every week for one year. 52 weeks. I dedicated my year to becoming skilled at lingerie making, focusing my energy on one area that I knew nothing about and becoming an expert in it.

So, am I a lingerie expert? No. Can I simply whip up a beautifully fitting bra for my mother simply by measuring her? No. Can I do that for myself? No. Do I have a lingerie drawer stocked full of gorgeous lingerie? Yes!

One year is not enough to learn everything in lingerie. But, it is enough time to peel back the lid and start building sewing knowledge. Over the year, I got better at sewing. I know what you are thinking—isn’t that obvious? And honestly, it really wasn’t. I never expected my focus on lingerie to improve my overall sewing skills, but I now have a better holistic understanding of fit and construction.

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What comes after lingerie?

So, now with the bra-a-week challenge under my belt (or should I say strap?), what’s next? Currently, my machine has tulle in it—not bra tulle but bridal tulle! This experience gave me the confidence to make my own wedding dress. That’s just proof that trying some skills outside of your comfort zone can really improve your sewing overall.

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