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9 Ways That Creativity Builds Self-compassion

Episode 139: Your hobbies can improve your relationship with yourself.

Posted in: Seamwork Radio Podcast • April 26, 2023 • Episode 139

Think back to the last time you made a huge mistake with a sewing project. Maybe you were trimming threads and accidentally cut a huge hole in the fabric instead; maybe you skipped some fitting steps and ended up with something way too big or too small; or perhaps you just chose the wrong fabric.

Everyone makes these sorts of mistakes, even those who have been sewing for decades. But the big difference between people who stick with sewing and find joy in it and those who get frustrated and give up isn’t about the mistakes – it’s about how you treat yourself when they happen.

In this episode, Sarai and Haley share 9 ways you can find self-compassion in sewing.

Below are the show notes for this podcast episode, and a brief summary of what's covered, followed by a full transcript.

9 ways that sewing helps you build self-compassion

It offers a way to express yourself. Having an outward way to show your creativity (literally—you are wearing your creativity!) helps boost your confidence and strengthen your sense of identity. You can celebrate being different from everyone else.

It encourages self-exploration. Whenever you engage in creative activities, you’re exploring your inner world and connecting to your authentic self. Your point of view is unique, and that’s the magic of creative expression—nobody else can offer the lens you have on the world.

It provides a sense of accomplishment. You feel proud. You feel good about what you’ve created. The special thing about self-compassion is that it doesn’t matter if you accomplish things or you don’t. You can be nice to yourself either way. But when you do accomplish something, it doesn’t hurt to feel proud.

It promotes self-care. Creative activities like sewing give yourself the space to take care of yourself. It helps you to relax. It helps you to unwind. And it can also be a signal to your brain that you deserve these things and that you can take the time, even if you feel busy or stressed out.

It fosters a growth mindset. This is a concept from psychologist Carol Dweck who proposed that there's two types of mindsets—a growth mindset and a fixed mindset. With a growth mindset you see any sort of failure as an opportunity to grow and not a reflection on you as a person. Whereas with a fixed mindset, you tend to see any problems as a personal failing, and you might not be as open to learning. You think, oh, I'm just not good at this, or I'm not good enough.

It offers a way to connect with others. Shared creative activities build a pretty awesome community—like the Seamwork Community!

It encourages more experimentation. Creativity inherently helps you take risks and try new things, and you’re likely to find self-compassion in these new things.

It provides a sense of purpose. Sewing can help you find self-worth. You’re a part of something bigger.

It provides an opportunity for self-reflection. Creativity can be introspective. You become more aware of your needs and wants, and learn how to listen them. This really helps you actively practice self-compassion.

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