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Early Fall Capsule

Create an early fall capsule full of color.

Posted in: Style & Wardrobe • August 31, 2018

Fall wardrobes are often filled with deep muted shades and plenty of neutrals. And though this color palette is beautiful and classic, why not let a little bit of summer’s color bleed over into your fall wardrobe? Early fall is the perfect time to play with mixing elements from your summer wardrobe with some fall standbys—and of course a couple of new things!

For this capsule, we mixed bright denim with pops of color and a few great neutrals to create a palette that is easy to mix and match without sacrificing color and texture.

Bo + Leonora + Slides

Bo + Callahan + Earrings + Loafers

Jane + Callahan + Audrey
+ Watch + Loafers

Jane + Leonora
+ Watch + Slides

Sadie + Callahan + Watch + Loafers

Sadie + Leonora + Earrings + Loafers

Neenah + Earrings + Slides

Neenah + Audrey + Watch + Loafers

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