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Gaining Focus Through Rituals

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Creativity & Mindset

Gaining Focus Through Rituals

Get a free and fun downloadable every month.

Posted in: Creativity & Mindset • December 31, 2015

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A new year often means being inundated with headlines preaching the virtues of resolutions. In this month's issue of Seamwork, Jessica Yen explores this in The Neglected R and suggests a gentler alternative to resolutions- rituals.

Rituals can create pockets of time or space within our busy lives where we can enter into reflection, gratitude, focus on our intention to live consciously, and be present. - Jessica Yen

This month's free downloadable focuses on ritual and the steps you can take to adopt your own meaningful personal ritual. Download this poster to print and hang in your home, as a reminder to take time for you.

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