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Turn your bathroom into a spa with aromatic shower drops, <br>by Kat Siddle

Posted in: Makers & Crafts • March 31, 2016


This scented oil will turn an ordinary shower into a sumptuous, spa-like experience. Let aromatic clouds of steam surround you on days when you need a little extra luxury or care.

You can use almost any essential oil or blend. Choose something with a big, delicious scent that appeals to you. You can choose a single beloved note, like jasmine, or create your own complex scent. There are a million recipes online for essential oil blends, and I’ve included some ideas below, too. Lots of places also sell pre-mixed blends that take the guesswork out, if you don’t get excited by playing perfumer.

I don’t believe aromatherapy can do everything people claim it can, but I do believe that surrounding yourself with your favorite scents can do wonders for your mood, sleep patterns, and energy levels. If you’re having a bad day, or just feel out of sorts, try this shower as a reset ritual that will help you restart the day (no matter what time it).

Note: if you’re using irritating essential oils like cinnamon, limit the amount to only a few drops per bottle. Even though the oil won’t be touching your skin, you probably don’t want clouds of cinnamon steam touching your eyes or other sensitive parts.

You'll Need:

  • A small dark-colored dropper bottle

  • About 1/4 cup carrier oil (it should fill 3/4 of the bottle). Any unscented or low-scent liquid oil will work. You can even use grape seed or sunflower oil meant for cooking.

  • Enough essential oil to fill 1/4 of your bottle

  • A small dish

  • 1/8 cup dry rice or baking soda

How to:

  1. Clean and dry your dropper bottle thoroughly.

  2. Fill the dropper bottle 3/4 full of your carrier oil.

  3. Fill the remaining 1/4 with your essential oil blend. Cap the bottle and shake to combine.

  4. When you’re ready for a special spa-like shower, put the rice or baking soda in your small dish. Squirt a full dropper of oil onto the dish. Place the dish on your shower floor, where the water can splash it, but not flood it. Enjoy a hot shower while the oil disperses in clouds of aromatic steam.

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