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How I’m Planning My Spring Wardrobe

A new vlog to help you get inspired for Design Your Wardrobe. By Sarai Mitnick.

Posted in: Style & Wardrobe • February 13, 2023

I’m excited (and a little nervous) to share this week’s video with you all.

The reason I’m nervous is that it’s a little bit different from our norm. Even though I love doing tutorials and other helpful videos in our studio, I really wanted to start inviting you all into my real sewing practice at home.

So this week, we’ll be hanging out at my house, where you’ll be able to follow along as I design my wardrobe for spring. If you’ve been thinking about spending some time designing your own projects for spring, I think you’ll love seeing the whole process.

By the end, you’ll see the projects that I’m planning to make in the coming months, including some fun hacks and customization ideas. Not only that, but I’ll be filming each project as I make it, so you’ll actually see this little wardrobe come together in (more or less) real-time.

Plus, you’ll see cameos from my two cats, Rusty and Duke.

If you watch the video, please leave me a comment to let me know what you think!

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