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How to Create Your Spring Color Story

Episode 181: A 5-step process to discover the colors that look and feel good on you.

Posted in: Seamwork Radio Podcast, Style & Wardrobe • February 21, 2024 • Episode 181

When a new season arises, you can feel the urge to reinvent yourself and refresh everything in your closet. But there’s a simpler way to do this. Just refresh the colors you wear!

In this episode, you’ll learn how to create a color story that reveals the hues you love to wear.

Sarai and Haley provide a 5-step process for defining your colors, a method that thousands of Seamworkers have used in our Design Your Wardrobe course.

If you’re reading this in the Southern Hemisphere, bookmark this episode for spring or use the tips for your current season’s palette.

Below are the show notes for this podcast episode and a brief summary of what's covered, followed by a full transcript.

A 5-step Process to Find the Colors You Love to Wear

Step 1: Identify Your Go-To Colors

Start by pinpointing the colors you consistently gravitate towards. Go into your closet and jot down the hues you commonly wear.

If you like to work visually, you can lay out your favorite outfits, take a photo, and use an eyedropper tool to generate a digital palette of your preferred colors.

Step 2: Sort Your Colors Into Basics, Neutrals, and Statements

In Design Your Wardrobe, you organize your colors into a few categories: basics, neutrals, and statement colors.

This helps you balance your palette so you can put together a versatile wardrobe while still making whatever kind of statement you want to make that season.

Neutrals are colors like black, white, and cream. They go with everything.

Basics have more color to them, but they still mix with a lot of other colors. Think of colors like camel or navy.

Statement colors add a little bit more pizzazz and personality into your wardrobe—but they don't necessarily have to be bright colors. They could be more soft colors, but they're the ones that are the easiest to kind of swap in and out for each season. This could be terracotta, chartreuse, magenta, or anything neon. I

Many people are more heavy on neutrals or basics, but this is all about you, so only pay attention to the colors you enjoy wearing the most.

Step 3: Locate Your Color Gaps

Identify areas in your wardrobe where you lack certain colors. This allows you to pinpoint where you can introduce new hues, whether you want to align with trends or refresh your clothes for a new season.

Step 4: Explore Color Possibilities

Consider the statement you want to achieve with color while you reflect on your preferences.

Do you prefer monochromatic ensembles or colors that complement each other on the color wheel?

Do you lean towards high or low contrast in your outfits?

By answering these questions, you can narrow down your color choices and feel confident doing some experimentation.

Step 5: Embrace Your Colors (And Wear Them With Confidence)

Ultimately, choose colors that resonate with you. Whether it's shades of olive green, lilac, navy, or a timeless all-black ensemble, prioritize colors that look good and make you feel confident and comfortable.

When you find these colors, wear them with pride and wear them often!

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