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How to Use Style Signatures to Create Your Dream Wardrobe

Episode 183: Use this fashion industry trick to define your core style.

Posted in: Seamwork Radio Podcast, Style & Wardrobe • March 6, 2024 • Episode 183

When you think about some of the most famous fashion designers or the most trendy brands, you can likely visualize some of their signature looks. You’re familiar with the silhouettes, colors, and details that all of their clothes include. 

Brands and stylists use these style signatures to build consistency and recognition over time. 

Well, the same is true for your personal style! Your core style is like your own brand, and there are signature elements in the clothes you love to wear most. These are your style signatures, and they’re uniquely you.

In this episode, Sarai and Haley show you how to use this industry trick to bring your style from concept to reality.

Below are the show notes for this podcast episode and a brief summary of what's covered, followed by a full transcript.

How to Discover and Use Your Style Signatures

Here’s how to find your style signatures in just a few steps. 

Step 1: Find your core style words

Can you pick 3-5 words that define your core style?

These words may come easily to you, but if not, you can use the Style Workshop and follow 10 simple exercises to define your core style words.

Some examples might be: Romantic, comfortable, put-together, conservative, artsy, vintage, earthy, geeky, simple, colorful, or classic.

Step 2: Describe each style word

For each core style word, brainstorm a few words or phrases describing the fabric, print, color, garment, silhouette, and accessory you associate with that word.

You want concrete descriptions here—the things you observe on your clothes.

Step 3: Circle your favorites

Circle your favorite 3-5 style signatures that feel the most you

When you do this, consider your day-to-day life and comfort level when wearing these things. 

These words are supposed to be very real and usable for you.

Step 4: Use your style signatures as criteria to help you make good choices

Make a list of your style signatures and keep them on your phone or on a post-it. Use these words whenever you need to make decisions about your style.

Use them when picking out fabric. You’ll know what kind of colors and textures you’ll actually wear.

Or, when selecting a pattern. This is why it helps to have a word to describe your favorite silhouettes.

And use them when deciding what to sew next. Keep an eye on the parts of your wardrobe that need more of your signature style.

Step 5: Wear them day to day
Wear these style signatures to help you bring your style to life day to day. Bring in some of your signatures if a piece of clothing doesn't feel like you.

Use your signatures in your outfit, including your layers and the accessories you choose.

Step 6: Freshen them up

Every now and then, revisit your signatures. Create seasonal lists of style signatures for transitional weather, cold weather, and the summer heat.

When you go through a style transition, update your list. Or, if you find a trend that becomes a part of your core style, add it to the list of your style signatures.

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