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I’m Building My Dream Sewing Shed! Part 1.

See how I planned my new backyard sewing studio.

Posted in: Makers & Crafts • February 12, 2024

I’m so excited because today I’m going to show you how I built my ultimate dream sewing studio in my backyard!

Today, I’m going to show you how we built it. I’m also going to invite Haley into the finished structure to help me plan and organize the inside.

Then in part 2, I’ll give you a full tour of my perfect little sewing haven.

If you don’t know, I moved out to the country a few years ago and bought a house on 5 acres.

Although I had an office/sewing space, it also doubled as a guest room and was being filled up with camera equipment.

I started dreaming of building a backyard creative space and started researching.

I researched the idea of custom building a small outbuilding. I quickly realized that this would be a big, expensive project.

Then I came across the idea of retrofitting a prefab shed. I decided to go with a Tuff Shed.

Kenn cleared the brush. Originally, we were going to do a concrete slab, but the slope of the ground made that expensive and impractical.

Instead, we did a post and beam foundation, like you see on a deck. This also means less contact with the ground and moisture.

Later, we put lattice around to make it look nice and keep animals out.

The pre-fab shed was built in a day! We ran electrical and Internet from the house and built a porch with steps.

For the interior, we used laminate flooring and then installed lighting. I got these paper pendant lights from this Finnish design shop called Hay.

I was going for something light, bright, sort of Scandinavian, and cozy. You can see Lucy showing it off!

So that’s my design plan for the shed, and in the next video, I’ll give you a full tour of my perfect sewing space.

So what’s your biggest design challenge in your sewing space? Have any fun design stories to share? Comment and let me know!

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