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One Pattern, Three Fabrics

Explore how fabric choice can completely change the Kristin top’s look.

Posted in: Fabric & Textiles • May 31, 2018

Lightweight Denim

Denim comes in such a wide variety of weights that it can be hard to find the right fabric online. You can find very stiff selvedge denim, lightweight Tencel blends, and everything in-between. For the Kristin top, you need lightweight denim, so look for denim that is 8oz or less. If you are in doubt of the weight, you can always use chambray for a denim lookalike. For this sample, we used a 4.5oz denim.

The Kristin top sewn in lightweight denim.

1 | Lightweight Cotton / Silk Denim - Black

This crisp, breezy denim contains silk, NZD 22.00/meter from The Fabric Store.

2 | Pineapple Denim

These pineapples are perfect for summer, $10.99/yard from Harts Fabrics.

3 | 6.5 Oz Washed Bleach Indigo Denim

This denim has a classic vibe, $8.98/yard from

International sources for lightweight denim: The Drapery (AU), Blackbird Fabrics (CA), The Fabric Store(NZ), Fabric Godmother (UK)

Double Gauze

If you’ve never sewn with double gauze before, you are in for a treat! Double gauze is made from two layers of gauze fabrics that are basted together, so one side can look completely different from the other side. You’ll often find double gauze made from loosely woven cotton and linen for breathability and comfort. It really is an ultra-soft and dreamy fabric that feels delicate and substantial all at once. Tip: Use a rotary cutter and a walking foot for double gauze since the two layers can be slippery.

The Kristin top sewn in double gauze from Birch Organic Fabrics.

1 | nani IRO 2018

The latest nani IRO collection is hitting stores worldwide, $17.00/yard from Imagine Gnats.

2 | Birch Organic Double Gauze in Teal

Don't miss any of the solid-colored or printed double gauze by Birch Organic Fabrics, $16.50/yard from Fabricworm.

3 | Kokka Double Gauze in Paint Texture

Kokka fabrics are known for their fun prints and soft texture, $20.50/yard from Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics.

International sources for double gauze: The Workroom (CA), Pom Pon (CH), Miss Matatabi (JP), Miss Maude Sewing (NZ)


Rayon is lightweight but stable, and it takes ink well, so it comes in a variety of prints and colors. It’s made from naturally occurring cellulose, and you might also see it called modal or viscose. Rayon is incredibly soft and tends to shrink dramatically. Either pre-treat rayon by washing and drying or care for your finished garments delicately by handwashing or dry cleaning.

The Kristin top sewn in rayon from Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics.

1 | Sandwashed Rayon Challis

This sandwashed rayon is quickly becoming a classic $11.50/yard from Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics.

2 | Sueded Rayon in Peony

This sueded rayon adds a bit of luxury, $13.00/yard from Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics.

3 | Rayon Challis in Black and White Stripes

Rayon challis is easy to work with, $11.00/yard from Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics.

International sources for rayon: Blackbird Fabrics (CA), Coser Cosas (ES), Pretty Mercerie (FR), Miss Matatabi (JP), Miss Maude Sewing (NZ), Fabric Godmother (UK), Dragonfly Fabrics (UK), The Crafty Mastermind (UK)

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