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One Pattern, Three Fabrics

Explore how fabric choice can completely change the Laura skirt's look.

Posted in: Fabric & Textiles • July 31, 2017


This natural fiber is perfect for the Laura skirt, as it adapts well to all seasons and tends to have an ideal drape for skirts. Since it is prone to wrinkling, look for rayon or lightweight canvas blends.

The Laura skirt sewn in linen.

1| European Laundered Linen in Calamine

The Merchant & Mills linen collection is a dream, with a beautiful palette and high-quality fabric, $51.80NZ/meter from Miss Maude.

International fabrics: AU, CH, UK, US

2| Maker Maker Village in Neutral

This cotton and linen blend is a lightweight canvas, which means it is heavier and stiffer than some linens, but will keep a nice structure for a skirt, $15.20/yard from Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics.

International fabrics: CA

3| Linnet Double Gauze Linen in Off-white

Which is better, linen or double gauze? Get the best of both with this very soft double gauze linen, $23.50/yard from Bolt & Spool.

International fabrics: CH


Typically made of cotton or polyester blends, corduroy’s fibers are twisted to create parallel ridges called wales, which are separated by channels. The alternating wales and channels give corduroy its signature appearance. You can tell how wide the wales are by their numbers. For chunky, retro lines, look for a lower number, such as 4. For subtle, thin lines, look for higher numbers.

The Laura skirt sewn in corduroy

1| 14-Wale Corduroy in Ocean

This Robert Kaufman corduroy is made from 100% cotton, $14.99/yard from Harts Fabrics.

International fabrics: CA, DE, UK

2| 14-Wale Corduroy in Stone

This neutral-colored cord is a classic, $14.99/yard from Harts Fabrics.

International fabrics: CA, UK

3| 21-Wale Corduroy in Charcoal

This lightweight corduroy features fine lines, perfect for a skirt, $12.99/yard from Harts Fabrics.

International fabrics: CA, UK


Denim comes in such a wide variety of weights that it can be hard to find the right fabric online. You can find very stiff selvedge denim as well as lightweight Tencel blends. For the Laura skirt, you need a lightweight or mid-weight denim, so look for denim that is 10oz or less. For this sample, we used a 4.8oz denim.

The Laura skirt sewn in denim.

1| Denim Stripes Rayon

Like Tencel, rayon is another natural fiber that blends well with cotton, and you can often find it in your jeans. This 100% rayon fabric is a denim lookalike and would make a great lightweight substitute for actual denim, $14.99/yard from Harts Fabrics.

International fabrics: FR

2| Bleached Pink Denim

This denim is 10oz, so it's a heavier option for a more structured silhouette, $14.50/yard from Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics.

International fabrics: UK, SE

3| Tencel Denim

Tencel blends are a great option for a soft silhouette, $17.50/yard from The Confident Stitch.

International fabrics: CH

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