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One Pattern, Three Fabrics

Explore how fabric choice can completely change the Sadie sweater’s look.

Posted in: Fabric & Textiles • October 31, 2017

Textured Knits

Textured knits add dimension to sweaters and other cozy garments. Keep an eye out for chunky sweater knits or sleek ribbed sweater knits, and you can make two sweaters with totally different looks. Sweater knits can vary greatly in their weaves, but the Sadie sweater will layer well if you want to try an open-weave knit. For tips on sewing with sweater knits and other textured knits, check out this tutorial.

1 | Loose Sweater Knit Speckle in Charcoal

This classic sweater knit has an open weave that provides just the right amount of coverage, $14.99/yard from Style Maker Fabrics.

2 | Nordic Stripe Sweater Knit

Doesn’t this print make you want to get cozy by a fire? This sweater knit has a perfect weight and stretch for Sadie, $12.99/yard from Style Maker Fabrics.

3 | Sweater Knit Rib in Rust

Both lightweight and cozy, this ribbed sweater knit will add a great shade to your color palette, $8.00/yard from Imagine Gnats.

International sources for textured knits: CH, UK, FR, FR

Sweatshirt Knits

Sweatshirt knits are thicker and more stable than jersey. Their stretch can vary, so pay attention to the fabric description while planning your project. You can find sweatshirt knits in many different blends, from cotton to polyester or hemp. Rayon will add an extra soft stretch. Sew sweatshirt knits as you would any other knit project—you’ll probably find that their extra stability makes for an easy sew!

The Sadie top sewn in rayon sweatshirt fleece.

1 | Telio Rayon and Bamboo Knit in Midnight Blue

This knit is thick, stable, and squishy, thanks to a rayon and bamboo blend, $14.48/yard from

2 | Sweatshirt Fleece in Bubblegum

This dreamy, super-soft sweatshirt fleece is heavyweight to keep you warm, with bonus rainbow flecks! $10.00/yard from Imagine Gnats.

3 | Bamboo Brushed Sweatshirt Fleece in Sage

This light- to medium-weight fleece has good recovery and maintains its coziness after being washed, $12.00/yard from Imagine Gnats.

International sources for sweatshirt knits: CH, FR, NZ, UK, UK

French Terry

This cozy knit is a dream to wear. French terry is a soft knit that is heavier than jersey but more forgiving than sweatshirt knits. French terry has loops on the wrong side and is smooth on the right side. It’s very comfortable and helps wick moisture in the hotter months.

The Sadie top sewn in terry rib knit.

1 | Italian Terry in Cream and Tan

This squishy terry has stripes that will match any color palette, $15.00/yard from The Confident Stitch.

2 | French Terry by Thread International

Believe it or not, this terry is made from recycled plastic! Be sure to check out Thread International’s mission while you shop their fabrics, $10.00/yard from Thread International.

3 | Heather Gray French Terry

This classic terry is flecked with a different shade of loops on the back, $14.99/yard from Style Maker Fabrics.

International sources for French terry: AU, FR, NL, NZ, UK

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