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Our 12 (and a half) Favorite Cardigan Patterns

Sew these versatile cardigan patterns.

Posted in: Patterns, Style & Wardrobe • July 10, 2023

There's something undeniably charming about cardigans. They’re versatile garments that blend comfort, style, and warmth—and they carry you between seasons when the weather starts to get awkward.

As fashion evolves, cardigans hold a special place in our hearts and wardrobes. They always stay in style. So, grab your sewing machine, a cup of tea, and browse some of our favorite cardigan sewing patterns!

In this video, Sarai and Haley share 6 (and a half) of their favorite cardigan patterns. And below the video, you'll find a list with another 6 ideas!

The Lisa cardigan, from Seamwork.

The Fuller cardigan, from Cashmerette.

The Driftless cardigan, from Grainline.

The Como cardigan from Style Arc.

The Esme cardigan, from Named.

The Oslo cardigan, from Seamwork.

The Blackwood cardigan, from Helen's Closet.

The Citrine cardigan, from Made by Rae.

The Milo cardigan, from Seamwork.

The Flor cardigan, from Seamwork.

The Sable cardigan, from Seamwork.

The Marlo cardigan, from True Bias.

The Jill coatigan, from Seamwork.

You might be wondering why this round-up includes 12 and a half cardigans, and that’s because Jill is actually a coatigan! Is it a cardigan, or is it a coat? No matter what you want to call it, Jill is as cozy as wearing a blanket.

With these cardigan patterns, you can sew for spring, summer, fall, and winter. Make a bunch of different layers that complement the silhouettes you wear each season, and you’ll be all set!

What’s your favorite cardigan pattern that you’ve sewn? Share a picture in the comments below!

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