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Our Favorite Shirtdress Sewing Patterns

Each of these shirtdress sewing patterns is a little different, but they’re all so much fun to sew.

Posted in: Patterns • August 7, 2023

What makes a shirtdress a shirtdress? Is it the buttons all the way up the front? The collar? Something else?

Regardless of how strictly you define a shirtdress, here are 15 of our favorite shirtdress patterns.

Have you sewn any of these? Can you recommend any other shirtdress patterns? Watch the video, read the list, and comment below!

1. Chantelle from Seamwork.

2. Killian from Seamwork.

3. Hughes from Friday Pattern Co.

4. Lennox from Cashmerette.

5. Calvari from Pauline Alice.

6. Rosa from Tilly and the Buttons.

7. Reeta from Named.

8. Alder from Grainline.

9. Genra from Daughter Judy.

10. Camp from Liesl & Co.

11. Darling Ranges from Megan Nielsen.

12. Penny from Seamwork.

13. Porter from Seamwork.

14. Jo from Seamwork.

15. Hawthorn from Seamwork.

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