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Where to get fabric, supplies, and recommended additional reading for this issue.


Where to get fabric, supplies, and recommended additional reading for this issue.

November 30, 2015


Arrowroot powder & Essential oils: Mountain Rose Herbs

Green tea: The Jasmine Pearl Tea Company

Hand Sewing Needles: Dritz #9 sewing needles.


Alabama Stitch Book: A collection of projects and stories from Alabama Chanin, known for the cutting-edge twist they put on tried-and-true sewing, quilting, and embroidery techniques, applied mostly by hand.

Mary Frances Sewing Book: With sewing techniques and patterns for sewing clothes for a sixteen-inch doll, this book was originally meant for children, but adults now use it as a reference guide.

Nelly Don: A Stitch in Time: A companion to the Nelly Don documentary.


The Neutral Territory: Gretchen Jones stripped out all the color from her wardrobe to understand how she uses color and how she purchases clothing.

Cluny Lace: Manufacturers of traditional Leavers lace since 1845.

Katrina Rodabaugh: Hand sewing inspiration.

Grid Junky: A catalogue of creative projects by Jerome Sevilla.


Alabama Studio Sewing Patterns: A Guide to Customizing a Hand-Stitched Alabama Chanin Wardrobe: Three new patterns, plus a disc with all patterns from the entire Alabama Studio book series.


The Physics of Sewing: In this workshop, Natalie shares some of the old wives’ tales about stitching and the truths that each tale reveals.

These resources are provided to help you get started with the patterns, techniques, and ideas in this issue. Please note that some of these links (such as to books on Amazon) are affiliate links. When you purchase through them, a small commission goes toward supporting the magazine.

Ching Ching Wong appears courtesy of NW Dance Project

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