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Seamwork Radio is Coming Back!

New videos, podcast episodes, and DYW coming up soon.

Posted in: Creativity & Mindset • June 30, 2020

Since Seamwork Magazine is changing format starting this month with our open call for writers, it's time to announce another big change: Seamwork Radio is coming back! Our podcast is returning in August, with a full-length and mini-episode each month.

Seamwork Radio tells stories about designing, making, and wearing your own clothing.

Two of our future podcast guests are also writers for this issue! You can read a little bit from them right now while you wait for their episodes to premiere.

Maggie Crisler penned a Love Letter to Design Your Wardrobe in this issue, and she'll tell her story in an upcoming episode of Seamwork Radio. Maggie plays a vintage organ in a rock n' roll band, she hand-sews knit garments thanks to her work with Alabama Chanin, and she confronts her chronic illness each time she steps into her sewing space.

The fall/winter season of Design Your Wardrobe starts August 10th, and you can read about how Maggie finally succeeded in her DYW plans after trying the program a few times. Read Maggie's article in this issue, and stay tuned for her Seamwork Radio interview.

You might have seen Michael's sewing projects modeled by his nine-year-old daughter Ava on his Instagram @daddydressedmebymg. Michael is known for his positivity. He's a maker whose platform celebrates creativity as a way to overcome obstacles and express yourself. He writes, and posts pictures and videos of his unique perspective as a man creating in a space traditionally held by women, and as a Black father whose relationship with his daughter expels stereotypes. You can read Michael's piece The Power of Expression in this month's issue, and stay tuned for his Seamwork Radio interview.

New Video: Make Your Own Textiles

While you're waiting for the podcast to relaunch, we have a new video class this month. If you've ever been interested in block-printing or natural dyeing, Sienna shows you both in the Make Your Own Textiles class.

Sienna uses our popular Quince day robe to teach this class. Want to know why it's an ideal garment for creating custom textiles? Watch the class to find out. You'll learn:

  • How to pick out the best garment for dyeing and surface design

  • The best types of fabric for dyeing and surface design

  • How to block-print, step by step

  • Tips and tricks for block-printing garments

  • How to use avocado skins to dye fabric

  • Plus you'll see how Sienna's garment dyeing project turned out! Will it work? How did she make those pattern hacks?

Seamwork members can watch Make Your Own Textiles in the Classroom right now.

Next month, you'll find a video sewalong for one of the new patterns for August and the premiere of the new season of Seamwork Radio. See you then!

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