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Setting New Year Goals

We challenge you to set a goal for a new year of sewing, by Taylor Pruitt.

Posted in: Creativity & Mindset • December 31, 2018

Resources to Help you Set Goals

  • Design Your Wardrobe: This fun, inspiring 3-week series helps you plan your sewing, and one of the first exercises walks you through setting a goal.

  • Download Our Free Sewing Planner: When you download our free planner, you get a mini-DYW series delivered via email, to jumpstart your sewing plans.

  • Finding and Tending Our Creativity: Last year, Sarai wrote several pieces reflecting on why we sew. This essay is the first in the series.

  • Design a Capsule with Seamwork Style: We include tips for creating outfits and capsule wardrobes in every issue of Seamwork.

  • The Neglected R: This essay focuses on the importance of creating a ritual.

  • Ask the Community: If you are feeling stuck or you want to chat with others about your wardrobe plans, join our community.

  • Use Technical Flats: If you want a hands-on approach to your sewing plans, download this PDF that contains flats for all Seamwork patterns.

Generally, I think humans really like the idea of setting goals. It helps keep us on track for something we really would like to accomplish for ourselves. As sewists, setting goals helps us refine our ongoing learning of new skills or the challenge of having a completely me-made wardrobe. Whatever your aspirations are, we all need to take small steps to get to the final outcome.

I always have a hard time with resolutions because it starts to become a battle of wanting to do something versus something I should do. This year I want to set a sewing resolution of doing more projects that bring me joy. I've felt a lot of holes in my wardrobe, which makes me feel like I should set a goal around that, but in 2018, I had a lot of sewing fails, and it bummed me out. I'm going to focus on shifting my perspective and rethink what sewing for fun could mean to me.

For my resolution, I want to focus more on items other than clothing (less fitting involved). I want to try and push myself to make a quilt, or a bag, or items for everyday life, like napkins or pillows. I plan to try and complete six projects other than clothes for the year. And, I’m going to be easy on myself and not even plan those out yet, but make it a goal that I check in on those every month to see what I feel like making so it can still be organic and not pushy.

So what about you? What sewing goal are you going to challenge yourself with? Is it around a wardrobe or a sewing skill? Or maybe it’s a special occasion project? I want to encourage you to set an open goal for yourself around sewing and maybe not think so hard about it. Rather than what do you feel you should do, what do you really want to do? The power of should is real, and we need to take the power back.

Let us know on the community! We have a topic reserved just for this discussion, let’s talk about it!

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