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Our versions of Ace and Bryn.

Posted in: Patterns • August 31, 2019

We know it helps to see finished examples of Seamwork patterns made in different fabrics and on different body types. We're lucky to work with very talented models every month, but if we also share our finished projects, you'll get a better idea of how you can make the patterns fit your style and your body.

This month, we got a jump start on our fall wardrobes by sewing the new Ace top and Bryn dress. Keep reading to see our versions and pick up a few tips along the way. 

Taylor's Shrill Inspired Bryn

Aidy Bryant in Hulu’s Shrill.

What was your inspiration for this project? 
My inspiration for this project was Aidy Bryant's wardrobe from Shrill. I fell in love with every piece she wore, and the simple black dress she wore in episode one gave me heart eyes. It seemed so versatile, chic, and that it would dress up a casual t-shirt very easily. I want to straight-up copy this look, but still waiting to find the perfect stripe knit for an accompanying Seamwork Ace.

What fabric did you use?
I used a Black Twill that I'm pretty sure was deadstock from Josephine's Dry Goods in Portland, OR.

Why did you pick this fabric? Did it work well? Share your experience.
I knew I wanted to wear this throughout fall and winter, so something with a bit more substantial feel is what I was going for. I bought this fabric a year or so ago to potentially make a dungaree styled dress out of and thought that the change-up in plans might work out well. Overall, I think the thicker twill works well with this pattern, but it is a bit bulky around the arm and neck holes. I think if I were to use something like this again, I'd do a bias facing to cut down on bulk.  
I really loved sewing this pattern. I've never sewn a french dart like this and really loved the way it fit overall. 

Do you have any sewing or fitting tips to share?
To cut down on bulk, I ended up foregoing the zipper and lining. I was also a bit nervous about my hip measurement fitting within the pattern's measurements, so I graded out 3/4 inch on both sides, but I didn't need it and adjusted it back to its original shape in the end.

Measurements and modifications made
My measurements are 44", 37", 49" and I made a size 16. 

I did not sew a lining or zipper into the dress. I added inseam pockets, but wish I had either placed them higher up or did a patch pockets on the side for some extra flare. I also shortened the dress by 2.5 inches and left the hem raw. 

Wallis' Sneaker Printed Bryn

What was your inspiration for this project? 
I've been on a fabric buying hiatus, so I had to look through my current stash for inspiration. I knew I didn't want to use a heavyweight fabric, so quilting cotton seemed like a good alternative.

What fabric did you use?
I used a quilting cotton from Cotton + Steel.

Why did you pick this fabric? Did it work well? Share your experience.
I really wanted to use up some fabric in my stash (an always ongoing venture). I've had this Cotton + Steel fabric for quite a while, and I figured the print would pair well with a simple design to show it off. This design works well in a more structured fabric, especially the button bonus version. 

Do you have any sewing or fitting tips to share?
I made a smaller size than is recommended for my measurements because I don't plan on layering anything under my dress like the original design. If you don't plan on layering the dress, you can size down a bit. I recommend making a muslin to get the French darts the correct length and height for your body. If sewing lots of buttons sounds overwhelming to you, consider using snaps instead! I had barely enough fabric for this design, so I had to be very careful when I was cutting. It turns out the pattern placement looked a little funny on the right side, so I decided to hide that by going against traditional tailoring methods and had the left side overlap the right. Most people will never even notice. 

Measurements and modifications made
My measurements are 33", 27", 37" and I made a size 0. I lengthened the dress by 1", shortened dart length by .5", and subbed buttons for snaps.

Haley's Maternity Ace

What was your inspiration for this project? 
Recently we had one of those late summer days that almost feels like fall. It made me realize that my new and expanding baby bump has made much of my cold-weather wardrobe obsolete. While I was able to get by over the summer with lots of knits and forgiving dresses, fall is going to be a whole other ball game! I knew I needed to make some separates stat!

What fabric did you use?
I used a rayon spandex blend from my stash. 

Why did you pick this fabric? Did it work well? Share your experience.
I was determined to use a stash fabric for this garment. I really wanted something lightweight that I wouldn't overheat in.

Do you have any sewing or fitting tips to share?
Knit stay tape is my absolute favorite notion. Stabilizing the shoulder seams with stay tape before sewing will help to prevent droopy shoulders.

Measurements and modifications made
To accommodate my new curves, I made a size 14 with a narrow shoulder adjustment. I added a few inches of width to the front waist and sweep, then added 2" to the overall length and an additional 1" just at the center front, grading to the side seams. I feel like it fits me well now and will work for a couple more months. I think I'll also be able to wear this top postpartum with a couple of quick alterations. 

My measurements are 43", 41”, 47".

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