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This month, we looked for light-weight knits and athletic fabrics for Rio, and heavy, four-way stretch fabrics for Aires.

Posted in: Fabric & Textiles • December 31, 2015

rios swatch service


  1. Wickaway Lycra in Dark Grey from is moisture-wicking suede Lycra with great stretch and recovery, $14.00/yard.

  2. Plum Milliskin Matte from Spandex House is a soft nylon with four-way stretch, $8.00/yard.

  3. Habiscus Nylon/Spandex Matte Milliskin from NY Fashion Center is a durable, high-quality Spandex, $14.99/yard.

  4. Sketchy Aztec Ponte from Hart's Fabric is a bold knit, $10.99/yard.

  5. Burnt Orange Ponte Leggero from Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics is a stable, stretchy ponte, $10.99/yard.

  6. Comic Print Spandex from NY Fashion Center is durable and ideal for body wear and costuming, $24.99/yard.

  7. Grey Sports Lycra from Hart's fabrics is covered in ladies playing sports, $9.99/yard.

  8. Splatter Grey Lycra Print from Hart's Fabrics is a soft, stretchy knit, $9.99/yard.

  9. Agate Green Satin Milliskin from Girl Charlee is a silky soft Spandex knit, $4.50/yard.

  10. Turquoise Solid Shiny Spandex from NY Fashion Center is extremely stretchy and strong, $12.99/yard.


  1. Coral Nylon Powermesh from Hart's Fabrics is a high-quality stretch mesh, $8.99/yard.

  2. Jet Black Stretch Woven Matte Nylon from is a sturdy nylon, ideal for leggings, $9.00/yard.

  3. Animal Prints (Kitten) from Spandex World is a fun polyester Spandex, $15.00/yard.

  4. Extra Stretchy Pleather Matte from Hart's Fabrics looks like leather and will hug all of your curves, $16.99/yard.

  5. Obsidian Navy Powernet Lycra Mesh from is a strong mesh with a subtle color, $8.25/yard.

  6. Yellow Nylon Powermesh from NY Fashion Center is a vibrant mesh with great stretch, $11.99/yard.

  7. Space Spandex from NY Fashion Center is ideal for body wear, $24.99/yard.

  8. Fuchsia Foil Spandex from Hart's Fabrics is a shiny polyester Spandex fabric, great for making a statement, $12.99/yard.

  9. French Blue Sphere Wickaway Lycra from is moisture wicking and textured, great for accents on Aires, $8.00/yard.

  10. Baby Blue Nylon Powermesh from NY Fashion Center is a subtle-colored mesh with great stretch, $11.99/yard.

  11. Velvet Gold Stretch Glitter from Hart's Fabrics is soft, stretchy, and sparkly, $12.99/yard.

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