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This month, we looked for medium weight knits for the Denali pullover. We also shopped for quilted knits and wovens, and flannel lining for the Paxson vest.

Posted in: Fabric & Textiles • September 30, 2015



  1. Pewter Gray Jersey from Mood is a lightweight wool blend , $17.99/yard.

  2. Black and White Slubbed Knit from Mood is an Italian wool double knit, $20.00/yard.

  3. Ponte de Roma from Stonemountain and Daughter is stable medium weight knit with good recovery, $12/yard.

  4. Derek Lam Black and White Novelty Knit from Mood is an acrylic cotton blend with heavy texture and and abstract print, $24.99/yard.

  5. Navy Cotton Rib Knit from Bolt and Spool is a medium weight rib knit with ample stretch, $21.00/yard.

  6. Nordic Sweater Knit from Stone Mountain and Daughter is a light weight sweater knit with good recovery, $11.50/yard.

  7. Deep Wine Wool Knit from Mood is a wool and angora blend with a fuzzy surface and a soft hand, $17.99/yard.

  8. Romola Ponte from The Splendid Stitch is a medium weight knit with good recovery, £10.40/meter.

  9. Hunter Green Wool Jersey from Silk Road Textiles is a wonderfully soft and light weight wool jersey, $32.00/yard.



Main Fabric

  1. Sepia Brown Quilted Wool from Mood is a heavy weight wool blend with defined horizontal ribs and an iridescent luster. $24.99/yard.

  2. Double Sided Quilted Broadcloth from is a dark gray medium weight quilted woven, $9.98/yard.

  3. Double Sided Quilted Broadcloth from is a deep red medium weight quilted woven, $9.98/yard.

  4. Solid Brown Quilted Knit from is a medium weight stable knit in a soft taupe, $10.98/yard.

  5. Beige Quilted Double Knit from Fabric Mart is a light weight quilted double knit with a soft hand, $9.99/yard.

  6. Quilted Blue Knit from is a heathered blue lightweight quilted knit, $12.98/yard.

  7. Cozy Quilted Knit from is a soft medium weight quilted knit , $12.98/yard.


  1. Mammoth Flannel in Americana from Fancy Tiger is an incredibly lush cotton flannel, $9.75/yard.

  2. Chocolate Cotton Flannel from Bolt & Spool is a light weight flannel by Hugo Boss, $23.50/yard.

  3. Primo Plaid Flannel from Stonemountain and Daughter Fabrics in a soft flannel in a monochromatic plaid, $7.80/yard.

  4. Shetland Flannel in Sable from Stonemountain and Daughter Fabrics in a soft flannel with a subtle herringbone pattern, $10.20/yard.

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