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The Best Ways to Find Inspiration On Pinterest

Episode 179: 5 tricks for using Pinterest without getting frustrated (or bored).

Posted in: Seamwork Radio Podcast • February 7, 2024 • Episode 179

If you’ve ever logged into Pinterest and stared wide-eyed at the never ending scroll of inspiration, you’ve likely run into one of two problems.

It’s like drinking from a firehouse. You’re not going to get a visual break while you scroll through Pinterest, so the possibilities can feel overwhelming.

Or, it’s completely dry, like a desert. You’re not seeing any images that resonate with you.

Both of these problems have the same root issue. If you don’t know how to identify what you’re searching for and seek it out, you’ll either have too much or not enough to work with.

In this episode, get 5 tips for finding exactly what you want on Pinterest. With these tips, you can build mood boards that truly help you with your sewing plans.

Below are the show notes for this podcast episode, and a brief summary of what's covered, followed by a full transcript.

5 Tips to Find the Best Inspiration on Pinterest

1. Know what to type into Pinterest.

Think of Pinterest like a search engine, and type the kinds of things you’d type into Google. Play around with synonyms and specificity

Identify the words that will give you the results you want. Since the algorithm is often used for fashion, Pinterest is pretty specific. If you want to see midsize or plus size models, type that.

Take advantage of filtering for skin tone. If you want to sew a red dress, and you want to see what it looks like on people with your skin tone, use the fiter. It can help when exploring the colors you like to wear.

2. Once you start finding results you like, go down the rabbit hole.

If you click or pin an image you like, Pinterest immediately adds similar images to your feed. You can train this algorithm easier than most.

So if you find something you like, always click to see related images. Pin the things you like to train the algorithm to show you what you actually want to see.

Going down the Pinterest rabbit hole can actually be an inspirational experience in itself. So don’t be afraid to keep clicking and clicking.

3. Think outside of clothing.

If a feed full of clothes stresses you out--and begins to serve you too many ads--look at other textile arts.

Paintings can really help set the mood on your mood board, so save some that capture the feeling you’re going for.

Graphic design is especially great for color palettes. Look at logos, packaging, and the portfolios of graphic designers you like.

Look at quilts for color palettes. And look at your favorite landscapes for some moody images to tie it all together.

4. Get hyper specific with clothing.

Pinterest is pretty good at translating outfit descriptions into images. So, if you love to wear a brown plaid blazer, look for “outfit inspiration using a brown plaid blazer,” and the algorithm will give you plenty of ideas.

You can even create boards themed after some of your most favorite garments and continually build outfit formulas around them.

Try to be super specific when searching for shades of color, silhouettes, details, and even certain styles, like classic, earthy, or sporty.

5. Purge your inspiration and get rid of things you don’t like and rediscover old favorites.

Pinterest requires a bit of maintenance so you don’t get buried in images throughout the years. If you purge your boards yearly, they’re more likely to accurately represent your current style.

You can also purge your boards seasonally, alongside Design Your Wardrobe!

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