The only woven tee you'll ever need.
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You’re on the perfect summer road trip — sun shining through rolled down windows, sipping a chocolate shake, singing along to your favorite songs on a freshly pressed playlist. You’re going to be in the car for quite awhile, and those long miles between road side attractions call for comfy threads that not only travel well, but look great in all those memorable photos you’ll be taking. That’s why Hayden’s easy fit and stylish silhouette make it the perfect companion for all of your on-the-go activities.

Best of all, Hayden gives you options. Version 1 is a classic woven tee, and version 2 is a crop top for the slightly more daring. Both versions feature short sleeves, a keyhole at the back neckline, and style lines that start at the shoulder and follow the natural contour of the body to the hem band. Play around with color blocking, or add trims between the panels to give Hayden a unique touch.

Design number: 3034

Hayden appeared in the April, 2016 issue of Seamwork.

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