A one hour clutch for your next special occasion.
Valencia Valencia Valencia Valencia Valencia

You may not use a clutch bag every day, but when you need one, you really need it. Valencia is the perfect bag that can be trusted to hold onto your valuables at the next wedding, cocktail party, or night-out on your social calendar. Large enough to fit a smartphone, small wallet, and a few essential toiletries, but small enough to compliment your outfit and not distract from it.

Valencia requires less than a yard of fabric, making it a great project for splurging on special fabrics or experimenting with materials that are new to you.

An understated design, and bold hardware gives Valencia a timeless, polished look. The pattern includes step by step instructions on attaching a purse chain, and additional resources on bag making and installing hardware can be found in Seamwork No. 1, so you will have all the tools you need to complete this beautiful bag no matter your skill level.

Design number: 0005

Valencia appeared in the December, 2014 issue of Seamwork.

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