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Melody Bonus

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This version of the Melody trousers offers additional design details such as welt pockets and an angled front waistband, which make the Melody trousers more traditonal. Expand your sewing knowledge by learning how to create single welt pockets, and elevate the look of your garment.

The angled front waistband hides the button and trouser clasp closures for a sleek, clean finish. To add some flair to the Melody trousers, try sewing them up in a bold color stretch twill such as maroon, or an interesting weave such as a herringbone stretch wool.

Check out "Creating Hand-Painted Textiles" in the November 2017 issue of Seamwork and learn how to paint a motif on your Melody trousers to make them unique.

3072 - Melody


For recommended fabrics, and other details, please see the Melody pattern page.

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