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Video: How to Sew a Single Welt Pocket

Learn how to sew this classic detail.

Video: How to Sew a Zipper Fly

Sewing a zipper fly is easy if you follow these steps.

Video: How to Make Bias Tape

Learn a method for creating custom single and double fold bias tape.

Video: Swimwear Basics

Everything you need to know about sewing your own swimsuit.

Video: Tools & Tips for Threading Elastic Casings

How to thread elastic through a casing.

Video: How to Sew Knits Without a Serger

Sewing knits on a regular sewing machine is simple! Just follow these easy steps.

Video: A Guide to Coverstitch Machines

What they do, how to use one, and troubleshooting tips.

Video: How to Sew With Silk

Learn our favorite tips and tricks for working with silk.

Video: How to Lengthen and Shorten a Sewing Pattern

Learn an essential fitting technique.

Video: All About Elastic

Learn how to pick the right kind of elastic for your sewing project.

Video: Understanding Ease

Learn everything you need to know about ease in a sewing pattern.

Video: How to Slash and Spread a Pattern

Get the most out of your patterns with this fun hack.

Video: How to Sew an Inserted Pocket

Sewing an inserted pocket is easy when you follow these steps.

Video: How to Sew a Lining Using the Burrito Method

The burrito method is easy when you follow these steps.

Video: Your Guide to Pleats

Learn everything you need to know about pleats.

Video: How Measurements Make Your Sewing Better

Learn how to accurately take your measurements to achieve a perfect fit.

Video: How to Sew Fisheye Darts

Sew an expert fisheye dart.

Video: How to Reinforce Shoulder Seams

Prevent stretched out shoulder seams on your knit garments using two simple methods.

Video: How to Sew a Baby Hem

Learn how to create a rolled hem for your delicate projects.

Video: How to Shorten a Metal Zipper

Have a zipper that's too long for your project? You can shorten it in a few easy steps.