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Seamwork Tutorials

Find the techniques you need when you need them.

Video: How to Sew Knits Without a Serger

Sewing knits on a regular sewing machine is simple! Just follow these easy steps.

Video: A Guide to Coverstitch Machines

What they do, how to use one, and troubleshooting tips.

Video: How to Sew With Silk

Learn our favorite tips and tricks for working with silk.

Video: How to Lengthen and Shorten a Sewing Pattern

Learn an essential fitting technique.

Video: All About Elastic

Learn how to pick the right kind of elastic for your sewing project.

Video: Understanding Ease

Learn everything you need to know about ease in a sewing pattern.

Video: How to Slash and Spread a Pattern

Get the most out of your patterns with this fun hack.

Video: How to Sew an Inserted Pocket

Sewing an inserted pocket is easy when you follow these steps.

Video: How to Sew a Lining Using the Burrito Method

The burrito method is easy when you follow these steps.

Video: Your Guide to Pleats

Learn everything you need to know about pleats.

Video: How Measurements Make Your Sewing Better

Learn how to accurately take your measurements to achieve a perfect fit.

Video: How to Sew Fisheye Darts

Sew an expert fisheye dart.

Video: How to Reinforce Shoulder Seams

Prevent stretched out shoulder seams on your knit garments using two simple methods.

Video: How to Sew a Baby Hem

Learn how to create a rolled hem for your delicate projects.

Video: How to Shorten a Metal Zipper

Have a zipper that's too long for your project? You can shorten it in a few easy steps.

Video: How to Sew Standard Darts

Learn how to create darts that will transform your garment.

Video: How to Sew a Set-in Sleeve

Learn how to sew a set-in sleeve in a few easy steps.

Video: How to Determine Stretch Percentage in Fabric

Learn how to calculate your fabric's stretch percentage.

Video: All About Interfacing

Learn everything you need to know about fusible interfacing.

Sew an All-in-one Facing

This tutorial teaches you how to finish necklines and armholes with an all-in-one facing.

Sew a Facing

Learn how to finish necklines with facings—an essential finishing technique!

How to Sew French Seams

This elevated seam finish will make your garments feel special.

How to Sew Flat Felled Seams

This sturdy seam finish with help your projects last longer.

Sew Two Basic Hems

Learn how to master a double-fold and single-fold hem.

How to Sew Bias Binding

Don't be intimidated by double fold bias tape.

How to Sew a Bias Tape Facing

Learn to finish edges with single fold bias tape.

Topstitching Tricks

Make strong, professional-looking garments.

How to Understitch

Learn this essential trick for keeping facings and linings neat and inside your garment.

How to Install a Sleeve

Sewing a set-in sleeve is easy when you follow these steps.

Sewing Darts

Sew expert straight and double-pointed darts.

Create Perfect Gathers

Learn why you want to gather with 3 threads instead of 2.

Clipping and Notching

Learn how to clip and notch your seams for a professional finish.

How to Press Fabric

See how to press, not iron, your fabric.

How to Sew a Basic Seam

The first step of sewing! Learn how to create a long-lasting basic seam.

How to Staystitch

Prevent stretching and distortion with staystitching.

Essential Machine Stitches

Learn about common stitches used for garment construction.

How to Cut and Mark Fabric

Learn how to cut your pattern and fabric accurately.

Create a Sewing Toolkit

We'll help you set up your basic sewing kit.

The Anatomy of a Sewing Machine

We'll help you understand the domestic sewing machine.

The Anatomy of a Sewing Pattern

How to read and use home sewing patterns.

How to Sew a Centered Zipper

A simple way to install a centered zipper.

How to Sew an Invisible Zipper

An easy way to install this invisible closure.