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Lesson 1: Welcome!

Welcome to the Let’s Sew a Quilted Jacket class! A quilted jacket is such a satisfying project, because you really get to work with your textiles and learn some impressive sewing skills. In the end, you’ll have a garment you’ll want to wear forever, because it will never go out of style.

Meet Easton! Easton features an oversized fit and dropped shoulders with a shawl collar and snap closures on the center front. It’s the perfect blank canvas for quilting, the best layer to add to your wardrobe, and it is so fun to sew—especially since we’ll walk you through each step.

In this class you’ll learn:

  • The best fabrics to use for quilting

  • How to quilt and bind a swatch to practice this technique

  • All about quilting pins and basting stitches

  • Tricks for getting perfect corners and curves with bias tape

  • How to sew a really fun shawl collar

  • How to add a lining

  • How to sew the Easton pattern, step by step

Are you going sew the Easton jacket too? Connect with other Seamworkers quilting up Easton in the community.


Hi everyone! I’m Sienna the content producer here at Seamwork. Welcome to the Let’s Sew a Quilted Jacket class. In this sewalong class we’re going to make the Easton jacket. Let’s take a look at this pattern and talk about all the cool skills you’ll pick up when you’re done with this class.

This jacket features an oversized fit and dropped shoulders making it a great layering piece for changing seasons. It also has a fun-to-sew shawl collar and snap closures on the center front. One thing that I really love about this jacket is that it’s fully lined so it’s comfortable to wear - there’s no need for bulky bias bound seams here - and you have a really clean finish on the inside.

While the overall construction of the Easton jacket is simple and straightforward, skill-building details like quilting, the shawl collar construction, adding a lining, and finishing the jacket with bias binding make it an intermediate project. If you’re an adventurous beginner, don’t let that label hold you back from trying out this pattern.

In this sewalong class we’ll help you select your fabric, gather supplies and helpful tools, and sew each step including the tricky parts like:
Quilting your pattern pieces
Constructing the shawl collar
Creating a lining and
Attaching bias binding

The best thing about this class is you’re not in it alone! You can connect with other sewists in the Seamwork community and chat about choosing fabric, selecting a size, and sewing up your Easton jacket. It’s a great place to ask questions and cheer each other on!

In lesson 2, I’m going to pass things over to Haley. She’ll talk about what fabrics will work well for Easton and she’ll share the fabrics she chose for the photo samples.

Ready to create a quilted jacket? Let’s get started!

Let's Sew a Quilted Jacket

Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

  • Easton pattern

  • Fabric for your shell and lining

  • All-purpose polyester sewing thread. Depending on your quilting design, you might need a few spools.

  • A quilting needle

  • Five 5/8” snaps

  • A 25mm sized bias tape maker if you’re making your own bias tape

  • Water-soluble marker, chalk, or a Hera marker

  • A clear ruler

  • A walking foot for your model of machine

  • For basting: A set of quilting safety pins, or contrasting thread and hand sewing needle

  • Optional: A set of craft clips is also super handy for attaching the binding

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