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Maintain momentum and flow in your sewing journey with Seamwork Learning Paths.

Latest Learning Path

Garment Sewing Basics

Learn fundamental techniques to sew something as simple as a T-shirt and as challenging as a button-up top. At the end of this path, you’ll have some me-made clothes to wear!

3 Classes     8 Tutorials

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Explore Sewing With Knits

Learn how to sew some classic knit garments, like a T-shirt, a dress, a cardigan, and even a bathing suit! After you finish this learning path, you’ll feel comfortable sewing with knits, and you'll have a few comfy, stylish garments to wear.

5 Classes     4 Tutorials

Learn to Sew Three Closet Essentials

Sew an entirely me-made outfit with a T-shirt, pants, and a cardigan. These three step-by-step sewalongs are the perfect mix of a few challenges and some easy sewing, with plenty of opportunities to experiment with fabric.

4 Classes    

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Recent Classes

Check out a few of our latest classes.

How to Fit With Confidence

When you sew clothes that fit your body, you feel empowered. This class will teach you fundamental skills to learn how to fit with confidence. Download the free fitting journal to document all the new skills you learn along the way.

12 Lessons taught by Haley

Knox Paneled Pinafore Dress Sewalong

If you like to wear layers, Knox will fit right into your wardrobe. Sew this clever pinafore with us!

4 Lessons taught by Sienna

Ani Tapered Leg Trouser Sewalong

Sew up these classic trousers with us! This sewalong class will help you sew a zipper fly, single welt pockets, pleats, and a contoured waistband.

3 Lessons taught by Haley

Recent Tutorials

Check out a few of our latest tutorials.

Video: How to Adjust Shoulder Slope on a Sewing Pattern

In this video, learn a shoulder slope adjustment.

Video: How to Sew a Single Welt Pocket

Learn how to sew this classic detail.

Video: How to Sew a Zipper Fly

Sewing a zipper fly is easy if you follow these steps.