Swatch Service

This month, we hunted for wide stretch lace you could use to create our new bralette.

stretch lace

Clockwise from top left:

1. Black and red floral lace from Bra Makers Supply would pair beautifully with red silk, CAN$7.00/metre.

2. Lavender grey lace from MaryNotMartha has just a hint of soft color, but is neutral enough to match nearly anything, $3.25/yard

3. Teal and cream lace from MaryNotMartha is one of the prettiest, most vintage-looking stretch laces we’ve ever seen, $3.25/yard.

4. Cobalt blue lace from MaryNotMartha is bright and sporty, $3.25/yard.

5. Black and white stretch lace has an unusual look with plenty of contrast. Pair it with a bright color or soft pastel, $3.50/yard.

6. Simple black lace from Lace Heaven is a great staple with a pretty rose design, $2.59/yard.

7. Light pink lace from Lace Heaven is a soft pastel pink that would pair well with neutral colors, $2.49/yard.

8. Raspberry lace from Bra Makers Supply is a rich, bright pink and one of the sturdiest stretch laces we handled, CAN$6.00/metre.

9. Blue dusk lace from Lace Heaven has a soft, powdery color and a slight sheen on the right side, $1.99/yard.


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