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This month, we looked for medium-weight fabrics made with natural fibers for Adelaide.



  1. Printed linen gingham in brown from Harts Fabric is a classic print with a light hand, $14.99/yard.
  2. Shot linen in cobalt blue from A Fashionable Stitch offers vibrant color and lovely texture, $16/yard.
  3. Graphic grey ikat from Stone Mountain and Daughter Fabric is a lightweight canvas with a graphic print, $17/yard.
  4. Indigo stretch denim from Dragonfly Fabrics in the UK is a lightweight denim with moderate stretch, £13.90 /meter.
  5. Brussels washer linen in blush from Grey’s Fabric is a linen rayon blend with drape, $10/yard.
  6. Dakota star indigo ikat from Stone Mountain and Daughter Fabric is medium-weight ikat, $15/yard.
  7. RK chambray color specks from Grey’s Fabric is a lightweight chambray with colorful specks woven throughout, $12/yard.
  8. Stripe shirting in grey and white from Harts Fabric is light in hand with printed stripes, $11.99/yard.
  9. Essex yarn dyed flax a yarn-dyed lightweight canvas, $11/yard.
  10. Diamond ikat in cream/lilac/navy from Stone Mountain and Daughter Fabric is a striking print in 100% cotton, $19/yard.
  11. Designer essentials linen in jade from Sew Biased Fabrics a medium-weight linen cotton blend, $14.50/yard.

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