One Pattern, Three Fabrics

Explore how fabric choice can completely change a garment’s look.

One Pattern, Three Fabrics


Linen is the ideal fabric for warm spring and summer days. This natural fiber breathes easily and lends an effortless look to any garment. Look for mid-weight linens, as lightweight linens can be a little transparent.

The Sonya dress sewn in a linen purchased locally. You can find a similar fabric here.

1 | Metallic Linen

This fabric offers the drape and ease of linen with a fancy metallic finish, $26.00/yard.

2 | Pinstripe Linen

This fabric has a classic pinstripe design with a modern chambray twist, $19.99/yard.

3 | Ginger Spice Linen

This fabric offers a soft and slightly crisp hand. It comes in 22 colors, so there is a shade for everyone, $15.99/yard.


Twill is a durable fabric that comes in a variety of colors and fibers. Denim is a fashionable member of the twill family that is easy to wear and care for.

The Sonya dress sewn in twill.

1 | Crossroads Denim

This piece-dyed twill is processed and laundered to give it a faded, washed look and extra soft hand, $14.60/yard.

2 | Canyon Colored Denim

This medium-weight denim features a bright colored weft and white warp for an almost vintage look, $10.48/yard.

3 | Railroad Denim

This medium-weight denim has 1/4” vertical stripes and is perfect for experimenting with stripe placement, $12.98/yard.


Looking to add some structure to your Sonya dress? Canvas is a great option, and it comes in a huge variety of colors and prints. You can also find this fabric in a variety of fibers, from classic cotton to versatile blends.

The Sonya dress sewn in a canvas purchased locally. You can find a similar fabric here.

1 | Panthera Canvas

This cotton and linen canvas features tigers, leopards, and cheetahs, oh my! $15.99/yard.

2 | Macramé Canvas Leaves

This design from Cotton+Steel has a striking color palette and a crisp hand, $15.98/yard.

3 | Yarn-Dyed Canvas

This yarn-dyed linen and cotton blend has a soft feel, but is still structured, $8.99/yard.


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