February Discoveries

Resources and additional favorites for this issue.

For a completely unique lingerie set, marble your fabric!

This month’s sample garments


Waffle Rayon and Spandex Knit

Seamwork Jersey Knit in Pale Blue

A special thank you to Stonemountain and Daughter Fabrics for the lovely cotton jersey by Carolyn Friedlander!


The rayon knit was purchased locally.

Seamwork Jersey Knit in Dusty White

Can’t find the right color elastic? Dye it.

Supplies and Notions

Lace Heaven: Home to every lace you can imagine.

Where to Shop: Bra & Lingerie Making: Cloth Habit put together a great list of international suppliers.

Bra-Maker’s Supply: A treasure trove of lace, elastic, and other essentials for the bra maker.

Organic Cottons Plus: This is a great source for eco-friendly fabric!


The Art of Marbled Fabric: To give your handmade lingerie a personal touch, use this marbling tutorial.

How to Dye Your Own Elastic: Here is how you can create custom-colored elastic.

Scraptastic Lingerie: Make the most of your scraps.

Did you know that fabric scraps are perfect for making lingerie? Waste not!


Silhouette: This Portland-based tailoring boutique and design studio is home to lingerie experts. Don’t miss our interview with Julia in this month’s issue!

VAVA Lingerie Talks Sustainable Underthings: Alyssa Woods of VAVA Lingerie shares her tips for making wise fabric choices when sewing your own undergarments.

Orange Lingerie: The home of custom bra maker and pattern designer Norma Loehr, with plenty of helpful information on creating your own bras.

Anatomy of a bra: Each part plays a role in this essential undergarment. Understanding those roles is the first step in making your own.


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