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Contributing Writers

Chelsea Eisenberg

When she isn’t pattern hacking, Chelsea is drawing step-by-step pattern instructions in Illustrator. As the Technical Illustrator here at Seamwork, she loves to make our instructions easy to follow and fun to read.

Dani Dartnell

Dani has been sewing since her mother sat her down at a machine over 20 years ago. She loves to make everything except fancy dresses and is currently trying to convince her husband that she can make him the best jeans he’s ever worn. To see Dani’s next sewing adventure (and sometimes her cute dog), you can follow her on Instagram at @portmansew.

Haley Glenn

Haley doesn’t just want to design clothing you’ll love to wear, but clothing you’ll love to sew. With a background in both design and teaching, she combines her talents to imagine patterns with thoughtful details that build your skills as you sew.

Meg Stively

Meg is here to help you. As the managing editor for Seamwork and the smiling face behind our social media, she loves to talk to you about how much fun it is to sew your own wardrobe.

Robin Ives

Robin dreams in patterns. When awake, she leads the Pattern Development Team here at Seamwork and is passionate about the importance of failing on a regular basis, sustainability, and having a well-stocked candy drawer.

Wallis Smith-Owens

Wallis is a patternmaker here at Seamwork, and she loves to see what you make from the patterns she drafts. When she’s not sewing, she’s fostering dogs, so you’ll most likely find her running around with her rescue golden retriever and gang of foster pups.



Amy Alan | Technical Editor
Chelsea Eisenberg | Technical Illustrator
Farrah Dodson | Graphic Designer
Haley Glenn | Designer
Jennifer Faust | Sample Sewer
Kathleen McDonald | Sample Sewer
Kenn Wilson | Director of Operations
Meg Stively | Managing Editor
Robin Ives | Pattern Development Manager
Sarai Mitnick | Chief Executive Officer
Taylor Pruitt | UX Designer
Wallis Smith-Owens | Patternmaker


Beth Level | Hair and Makeup
Chelsea Eisenberg | Stylist
Emily Bolles | Photography
Haley Glenn | Art Direction
Maya Harper | Model


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