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This month, we looked for lightweight knits for the Aberdeen top and sturdy mix-and-match fabrics for the reversible Osaka skirt.



  1. Nani Iro Corsage Kosa-Jyu Knit from Superbuzzy is a double tissue knit dappled with coral blossoms, $21.95/yard.

  2. Rayon jersey in forest from has lots of stretch and drape, $6.98/yard.

  3. Art Gallery Gramercy Knit NY Circuit, designed by Leah Duncan and available from Harts Fabric, $18.99/yard.

  4. Slub rayon jersey in rust from is slightly sheer with a light muted terra cotta pink tone, $5.98/yard.

  5. Dark Mauve wool-angora knit from Mood is a light, fuzzy sweater knit in a gorgeous deep wine, $17.99/yard.

  6. Multi-beige cotton novelty knit from Mood is a nubby textured sweater knit with little stretch, perfect for a loose fitting tunic, $13.99/yard.

  7. Pale grey striped mohair-wool knit with a loose and lacy knit for light spring tops, $13.99/yard.

  8. Cameo pink angora-wool knit from Mood is another light but cozy sweater knit, $17.99/yard.

  9. Pink slub jersey from Harts Fabric is pale and sheer, $10.99/yard.

  10. Tomahawk stripe knit from Hawthorne Threads has a bold pattern that will transition to summer, $15.95/yard.

  11. Soft berry pink jersey from Denver Fabrics is a rose-colored cotton knit, $3.95/yard.



  1. Brick red and ecru stripe cotton from Denver Fabrics is crisp and light with a bit of stretch, $5.25/yard.

  2. Olive organic cotton twill is a medium weight sustainable fabric in a versatile and classic color, $14.99/yard.

  3. Micro brushed twill in black from is a good basic to coordinate, $8.98/yard.

  4. Chili pepper organic cotton twill from Mood in a rich scarlet, $14.99/yard.

  5. Steven Alan bronze Japanese cotton twill from Mood is light with just a bit of stretch, $7.99/yard.

  6. Bloom sateen print from Harts Fabric has a graphic lattice print and crisp hand, $11.99/yard.

  7. Chocolate and beige wool blend woven from Mood with a textured chevron weave, $13.99/yard.

  8. Taupe Embroidered Boucle from Denver Fabrics is a gorgeous suiting with plenty of texture, $5.75/yard.

  9. Black wool blend floral brocade from Mood is a sturdy tonal brocade that would also work well for a jacket, $24.99/yard.

  10. Creamy pink herringbone flannel suiting from Denver Fabrics is a light and pretty spring color in a rayon/wool blend with a soft surface, $5.75/yard.

  11. Clay herringbone suiting from Mood has a muted red and cream palette and soft drape, $13.99/yard.


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