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Where to get fabric, supplies, and recommended additional reading for this issue.


Spoonflower: The most popular site for ordering custom printed fabrics like the ones shown in this month’s article on designing a floral print.

Fabric On Demand: Another digital fabric printing service which offers lighter cottons and several forms of polyester.

By Hand London: Offers digital fabric printing services in the United Kingdom.


The Colette Guide to Sewing Hems: Learn to create tiny hems in light and sheer fabric with this free ebook.

The Stitches of Creative Embroidery: This book, first published in 1960, contains instructions and photos for many unusual stitches you can use as reinforcement at stress points.

A Field Guide to Fabric Design: This book by Kim Kight offers a fantastic introduction to designing your own fabric.

Fashions of a Decade: The 1940s by Patricia Baker: Learn more about the fashion trends of the 1940s.

Fashions of a Decade: The 1930s by Maria Constantino

1930s Fashion: The Definitive Sourcebook by Fiell, Charlotte, and Emmanuelle Dirix

Fashionable Clothing from the Sears Catalogs: Late ’70s by Tina Skinner


Sarah’s Hand Embroidery Tutorials: Visit this blog to learn numerous stitches, many of which can be used to create beautiful reinforcement. offers clear diagrams to make learning new stitches easy.

These resources are provided to help you get started with the patterns, techniques, and ideas in this issue. Please note that some of these links (such as to books on amazon) are affiliate links. When you purchase through them, a small commission goes toward supporting the magazine.


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