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One Pattern, Three Fabrics

Explore how fabric choice can completely change the Gabrielle dress’s look.

Rib Knit

Rib knit is a textured knit that comes in a variety of weights and colors. For the Gabrielle dress, look for medium-weight rib knits with good recovery.

The Gabrielle dress sewn in a rib knit.

1 | Royal Blue Rib Knit

This rib knit is made from eco-friendly bamboo rayon and has excellent recovery, $16.50/yard.

2 | Blush Rib Knit

This medium-weight double knit features a ribbed face and a smooth back, $7.98/yard.

3 | Dark Gray Rib Knit

This heather charcoal rib knit has a cozy texture and look, $14.99/yard.

French Terry

French terry is a knit fabric that features loops on the wrong side. It is slightly heavier than most jerseys, but its additional weight makes for a flattering garment and easy sewing. For Gabrielle, look for a French terry with good recovery.

The Gabrielle dress sewn in a French terry.

1 | Chalk Blue French Terry

This super soft and luxurious periwinkle bamboo knit is backed with small loops, making for a comfortable knit with a nice drape, $16.99/yard.

2 | Space-Dyed French Terry

This dreamy French terry features light gray loops with a gray space-dyed effect, $12.99/yard.

3 | Yellow French Terry

This vibrant French terry has a standout color, $9.48/yard.


Jersey knits come in a wide variety of fiber contents and weights and are stocked in most fabric stores. This popular knit can be found in a huge selection of prints. For Gabrielle, look for a medium-weight jersey with good recovery.

The Gabrielle dress sewn in a cotton jersey.

1 | Blue Floral Jersey

This jersey knit is a vibrant blue with white floral motifs in the style of classic Mexican dresses, $18.99/yard.

2 | Tangerine Jersey

This jersey is a soft and finely knitted cotton/spandex blend in an eye-catching shade of orange, $10.50/yard.

3 | Pink Floral Jersey

This sweet knit features pink and blue flowers on a soft red background, $18.99/yard.


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