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How to add romantic volume to the Flor cardigan, by Sarai Mitnick.

I am a big fan of sweaters and layering, and when I first saw Haley’s designs for the Flor wrap cardigan, I had an immediate vision in mind. A few months before, I’d lovingly pawed a beautiful Ulla Johnson cardigan at a local boutique: a ribbed wrap cardigan with dramatic gathered sleeves and a deep ribbed cuff.

I purchased this ultra-soft bamboo/cotton fleece-back knit with matching ribbing from Emma One Sock. It’s luxuriously soft and feels wonderful against the skin.

To create the dramatic sleeves, first, I measured the length of the cuff I wanted and divided the sleeve into two pieces: the main sleeve piece and the cuff.

For the cuff piece, I knew I wanted a cuff that was more fitted than the original pattern. So I removed width from the pattern piece to create a fitted style. I cut 4 cuff pieces all together to create a double-layered cuff.

For the sleeve itself, I estimated how much volume I wanted to add at both the sleeve cap and the cuff seam. I slashed and spread the sleeve pattern to add 7” at the bottom and 3 1/2” at the sleeve cap. If you’ve never slashed and spread a pattern before, it’s easy. You can watch this video tutorial on our YouTube channel and we’ll show you how.

I then taped the pieces to some large pieces of scrap paper and used a curved ruler to redraw the bottom seam. I added seam allowance back to this seam at this point.

This is a really easy way to add some romantic volume to a sleeve. It would also look pretty on other knit patterns with long sleeves, like the Neenah dress!


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