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Meet the writers, makers, and artists from this month’s issue.


Chelsea Wall

Chelsea is an herbalist, sewist, birthworker, toddler mom, and dachshund enthusiast who is so excited to bring to her academic background as a former English professor to this unexpected corner of the world. You can find her sharing on Instagram sharing herbal and textiles makes, close reading Tweets, leaking the occasional dog photo at @virginia.wool.f.

Farrah Dodson

As the Graphic Designer here at Seamwork HQ, Farrah helps us capture the magic of sewing through graphic design, creating our brand identity and making sure that each issue of Seamwork looks perfect.

Haley Glenn

Haley doesn’t just want to design clothing you’ll love to wear, but clothing you’ll love to sew. With a background in both design and teaching, she combines her talents to imagine patterns with thoughtful details that build your skills as you sew.

Heather Holley

Heather Holley believes that making is the greatest act of self-care. When she’s not sewing, knitting, or trying to quilt, she can probably be found in the vegetable garden with her sweet little dog Coco or watching a giallo with her husband. 

Leah Franqui

Leah Franqui is a novelist, and the author of America for Beginners and Mother Land, both with William Morrow. She learned to sew when she was 23 and has been obsessed with making her own clothing ever since. A Philadelphia native, Leah lives with her Kolkata-born husband in Mumbai where she fills their apartment with endless amounts of Indian textiles. You can find her at @leahfranqui on Instagram and Twitter, or at

Leah Franqui

Lisa Beynon is working her way toward a handmade wardrobe while teaching high school art in Illinois. She has been sewing for about 7 years. She likes to keep it weird. You can find her sewing makes on Instagram @artsylisa.

Lori Caldwell

Lori Caldwell is the former owner/founder of leather goods company, Minnie + George, based in Portland, OR, and an avid maker, sewer, and Seamwork subscriber.

Maressa Fernandez

Maressa Fernandez is a sewist, knitter, and all-around maker that loves to advocate for other makers to feel affirmed and motivated in their artistry. You can find her at her Instagram profile @maressamade or on her Patreon page.

Meg Stively

Meg is here to help you get excited about sewing. As the managing editor for Seamwork and the smiling face behind emails and social media, she loves seeing what you’re making with our patterns.



Amy Alan | Technical Editor

Areta Litwin | Sample Sewer

Brittany Stanton | Sample Sewer

Chelsea Miller | Technical Illustrator

Farrah Dodson | Graphic Designer

Haley Glenn | Designer

Brittany Stanton | Sample Sewer

Kenn Wilson | Director of Operations

Meg Stively | Managing Editor

Robin Ives | Pattern Development Manager

Sarai Mitnick | Chief Executive Officer

Sienna Parfitt | Content Producer

Taylor Pruitt | UX Designer

Wallis Smith-Owens | Patternmaker


Emily Bolles | Photography

Haley Glenn | Art Direction

Jamie Zella | Model


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