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Guide to Buying the Perfect Thread Snips

You’re going to use this tool all the time, so pick out something you like.

You’ll use a pair of thread snips almost every time you sew, so take care when picking out this small-but-mighty tool.

Some makers wear thread snips on lanyards, stash a pair at their machine and their ironing board, or swear by the latest ergonomic, spring-loaded option. When picking out a pair, consider your preferences concerning weight (plastic or metal?), size, cost, color, and ergonomics—and then be sure to keep them sharp.

You’ll use this tool to:

  • Snip threads at the beginning and end of each stitch
  • Trim and grade seam allowances
  • Clip into notches when cutting out your pattern
  • Notch along curves to reduce bulk
  • Cut elastic and trims

Here are some of the Seamwork team’s favorite thread snips—find the pair that works best for your habits and budget.

Budget-friendly Snips


Technical Illustrator


Pattern Maker

Links to affordable snips:

Upgraded Snips

Links to upgraded snips:

Ergonomic Snips

Links to ergonomic snips:

Decorative Snips


Content Producer


Managing Editor

Links to decorative snips:


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