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Writers Brittany Archibald Brittany is an artist and quilter living in Washington State. She has …


Brittany Archibald

Brittany is an artist and quilter living in Washington State. She has a BFA in Studio Arts and thinks of her garment making as an extension of her creative practice. You can find her on Instagram @brittarchibald

Chelsea Miller

When she isn’t pattern hacking, Chelsea is drawing step-by-step pattern instructions in Illustrator. As the Technical Illustrator here at Seamwork, she loves to make our instructions easy to follow and fun to read.

Ellie Rivkin

Ellie Rivkin has been a sewer and maker since childhood. Her journey as an apparel designer was driven by the intersection between art and function; most recently portrayed through upcycling textiles and playing with natural dyes. She enjoys advocating for the slow fashion movement by educating the community about thoughtful consumerism in today’s world. Find her on Instagram at @ellierivkin or at

Emilia Bergoglio

When they are not busy in the lab, Emilia enjoys spreading the love of sewing with everyone around them. As a strong believer in the statement, “you can make that!” they are always looking for more things to DIY. You can find them on Instagram @emilia_to_nuno.

Farrah Dodson

As the Graphic Designer here at Seamwork HQ, Farrah helps us capture the magic of sewing through graphic design, creating our brand identity and making sure that each issue of Seamwork looks perfect.

Haley Glenn

Haley doesn’t just want to design clothing you’ll love to wear, but clothing you’ll love to sew. With a background in both design and teaching, she combines her talents to imagine patterns with thoughtful details that build your skills as you sew.

Lori Caldwell

Lori Caldwell is the former owner/founder of leather goods company, Minnie + George, based in Portland, OR, who now offers social equity consulting. She’s also an avid maker, sewer, and Seamwork subscriber.

Meg Stively

Meg is here to help you get excited about sewing. As the managing editor for Seamwork and the smiling face behind emails and social media, she loves seeing what you’re making with our patterns.

Taylor Pruitt

Taylor has an eye for design. As the Product Manager for Seamwork, she wants to make sure your online experiences are fun and enjoyable.

Thao Thai

Thao is a writer and designer living in Columbus, Ohio, with her husband and young daughter. She loves French fries and naps, and doesn’t quite understand why neither can be counted as hobbies. You can find more of her work at  

Wallis Smith-Owens

Wallis is a patternmaker here at Seamwork, and she loves to see what you make from the patterns she drafts. When she’s not sewing, you can find her running around with a gang of foster dogs or roller skating in me made outfits.



Amy Alan | Technical Editor

Areta Litwin | Sample Sewer

Chelsea Miller | Technical Illustrator

Farrah Dodson | Graphic Designer

Haley Glenn | Designer

Brittany Stanton | Sample Sewer

Kenn Wilson | Director of Operations

Meg Stively | Managing Editor

Robin Ives | Pattern Development Manager

Sarai Mitnick | Chief Executive Officer

Sienna Parfitt | Content Producer

Taylor Pruitt | UX Designer

Wallis Smith-Owens | Patternmaker


Emily Bolles | Photography

Haley Glenn | Art Direction

Ally Aguilar | Model


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