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Sewing your own clothing can change your perspective in surprising ways. Each week, we explore how the practice of sewing can help you to slow down, get to know your body, discover who you are, and connect to the people around you. What you make is important.

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  • Episode 109
    10 Tips for Buying a Sewing Machine That Fits Your Budget

    Buying your first sewing machine can be puzzling, and upgrading to a new machine can be overwhelming. In this episode, Sarai and Haley share 10 tips for buying a sewing machine that fits your budget.

  • Episode 108
    How can I Teach Someone Else to Sew?

    Sewing can change your life in unexpected ways, but it’s a complex skill to learn. How can you teach someone else how to sew? This topic was inspired by a new course taught by Sarai and Haley, called Learn to Sew Clothing for Absolute Beginners.

  • Episode 107
    Do You Have These 20 Essential Sewing Tools? (Part 2)

    After reviewing the 10 most essential sewing tools last week, Sarai and Haley share 10 nice-to-have tools. These tools are by no means necessary, but they will save you time and effort—plus they’re fun to collect!

  • Episode 106
    Do You Have These 20 Essential Sewing Tools? (Part 1)

    When it comes to sewing tools, are you a specialist or a generalist? Sarai and Haley share the 20 most essential sewing tools in this two-episode series. In part one, they discuss the 10 most essential tools to have.

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Tune in to hear from a community of people who care about sewing and creating, just like you do. We share new stories and interviews on our informal episodes every week.


Sarai is the founder of Seamwork and an advocate for creativity in everyday life. She has been sewing for 25 years, and publishing patterns, best-selling sewing books, articles, and building community in the sewing world for the last 14. She's a collector of all sorts of hobbies, because there's nothing she'd rather do than make something with her hands.


Haley believes that there is an artist in each of us, and that creativity isn’t so much inherent as it is practiced. That’s why she pivoted from a career path in the apparel industry to pursue home sewing back in 2012. Since then she has been teaching, writing, and designing with the intent of spreading the joy of sewing. As the pattern designer at Seamwork she brings her love of design and teaching together to create patterns that feel intentional and help you explore your own creativity and sewing talents.