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Episode 60

How to Start Your Fitting Journey

When you wear something that fits, you feel empowered. In this week's podcast, we discuss some of the core principles of fitting, and how you can get started on your own fitting journey.

One of my biggest fitting disasters was a bridesmaid’s dress that I made many years ago for a friend’s wedding.

Another friend, a talented designer, had created the patterns for these dresses and was sewing most of them for the others in the wedding party. But since I could sew myself, he mailed the pattern and fabric to create my own, from the other side of the country.

The pattern was great. I spent time on fitting it. So what went wrong? Why did my dress come out completely different from all the others?

It was because I didn’t understand the intended fit. I fit my dress to a completely different fit standard from the others, and without the designer around to guide me or a spec or photo to work from, I misunderstood what the final dress should even look like.

I tell that story on this week’s podcast as we discuss some of the core principles of fitting, and how you can get started on your own fitting journey. We talk about:

  • How to overcome fears around your body measurements.

  • Why you should create a muslin and how to analyze it deeply.

  • How to truly see the shape of the garment so that you can diagnose it.

  • Why it helps to find patterns in the fit of garments over time.

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