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Tips to Slow Down and Enjoy Your Sewing

Sarai and Haley share practical things that you can do to use sewing to slow down and de-stress, including 5 tips to ditch your productivity-focused mindset, even if it's just for a little while, to relax and enjoy your sewing time.

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  • Episode 103
    How Can I Buy Less Clothing?

    Do you want to buy less clothing? Break the fast fashion cycle? In this episode, Sarai and Haley share 7 simple tips to be more intentional about the clothes you add to your wardrobe, so you can feel good about everything you own.

  • Episode 102
    Whats the Best Method for Fabric Storage?

    Wondering how to store all of your fabric in a way that's accessible and inspiring? Sarai and Haley share what works best for them, what doesn't, and three approaches to storing fabric, so you can find what works best for you.

  • Episode 101
    How to Clean Your Sewing Space in 15 Minutes

    Sarai and Haley explore why a messy space is such a block, and what makes clean-up hard for us, and they share Haley’s surefire, seven-step process for cleaning up your space in only 15 minutes.

  • Episode 100
    Our 100th Episode! Mailbag Questions From You

    We're celebrating the 100th episode of Seamwork Radio with a Q&A with Sarai and Haley! They answer your questions about their jobs, personal life, and the podcast.

  • Episode 99
    Why Your Clothes Look "Homemade"

    We often get asked how to help clothes look less "homemade," but what's the stigma behind homemade? In this episode, we explore that and share some tips for making your clothes look polished.

  • Episode 98
    Our Top 10 Favorite Fabrics and Where to Find Them

    In this episode, Sarai and Haley talk about their favorite go-to fabrics for sewing clothes, what makes them so versatile and useful, and their favorite manufacturers and shops to go to when they need them.

  • Episode 97
    Are You Burned Out or Are You Bored?

    Sarai and Haley talk about the symptoms of burnout and how to recognize them, why it’s so easy to confuse burnout and boredom, and three questions you can ask yourself to use sewing and creative activities to move past both.

  • Episode 96
    How Can You Tell if a Seamwork Pattern is Beginner-friendly?

    Being a beginner is as fun as it is intimidating. Not all beginners have the same amount of knowledge or confidence. Sarai and Haley share three levels of beginners and show you how to pick patterns that will grow your skillset.

  • Episode 95
    What is the Best Way to Learn New Sewing Skills?

    Sarai and Haley talk about why it’s hard to pick the best projects that challenge you without frustrating you, how to identify the skills you need, and our favorite method for learning new skills, project by project.

  • Episode 94
    What Are Some of the Best Sewing Shortcuts to Save Time?

    If you love to sew, you probably love a helpful shortcut. In this episode, Sarai and Haley share a long list of shortcuts to help save you time and headspace while you sew clothes.

  • Episode 93
    The Best Sewing Books for Beginners

    Wondering which sewing books are best for learning how to sew? In this episode, Sarai and Haley share a framework for building a helpful and inspiring sewing library, including the three types of sewing books you should have.

  • Episode 92
    How to Find the Type of Sewing That Fits Your Goals

    You might have sewing goals in mind, but it’s easy to get distracted. Sarai and Haley share a bunch of ideas to help you uncover your most important sewing goal right now, and how to balance having fun while meeting your goals.

  • Episode 91
    Creative Exercises for When You Only Have 10 Minutes

    When you’re feeling crunched for time, it’s hard to make space for sewing. In this episode, Sarai and Haley share 14 different activities for when you're short on time but feel like doing something sewing-related.

  • Episode 90
    How to Sew When You Feel Stressed Out

    Feeling stressed out? In this episode, Sarai and Haley talk about why it’s hard to sew when you’re stressed, and they share super practical tips for using sewing as a way to remove stress and not add to it.

  • Episode 89
    3 Steps to Help You Get Past a Mistake or Failure

    Some of your future sewing projects will fail, so what can you do when you make a mistake? In this episode, Sarai and Haley share 3 simple steps to help you get past a mistake or failure.

  • Episode 88
    Tips for more playful sewing

    Sewing is such an involved hobby, and with all the possibilities for mistakes, sometimes you can take it a little too seriously. That can kind of suck some of the joy out of sewing. Here are creative ways to make sewing more playful.

  • Episode 87
    How Can I Get More Wear Out of the Things I Sew?

    This episode talks about the four main reasons you might not want to wear something you've made, how to plan to make things you'll get more use out of, and a quick exercise you can do at home to help you brainstorm ideas for future projects.

  • Episode 86
    Alexis Bailey's Hand Sewing Kits

    What if you could bring your projects with you wherever you go? When Alexis Bailey asked this question, she had an idea. Now she's the owner of Fibr & Cloth, selling supplies and kits for hand sewing and a growing collection of zero-waste patterns.

  • Episode 85
    How can I use more of the fabrics I buy?

    Are there fabrics that are gathering dust in your stash? If you can already picture a few unused cuts of fabric, and you’re cringing, Sarai and Haley will share 12 tips to help you use more of the fabric that you buy and buy fabric that you'll use.

  • Episode 84
    How We Sew Through Body Changes

    Sewing shines a bright spotlight on any changes your body might be going through. In this episode, Sarai and Haley share 9 tips for sewing through body changes, big and small.

  • Episode 83
    How do I Quiet My Inner Sewing Critic?

    Do you criticize your sewing more than you would someone else's? We all have an inner critic—a voice that critiques the things we do or make. This inner critic is not something you need to fight; it’s something you need to understand.

  • Episode 82
    Is it Cheaper to Sew Your Own Clothes?

    Is it really cheaper to sew your clothes? Before fast fashion lowered the cost of ready-to-wear clothing, sewing was an economical solution to expensive clothing. Now cheap clothing is just a click away, so that isn't necessarily the case.

  • Episode 81
    This Long Thread with Jen Hewett

    Sarai and Haley talk with Jen about how she wove data and narrative together for her book This Long thread, to create a collection of stories, interviews, and essays that reflect the everyday crafts of BIPOC in a way that honors individuality.

  • Episode 80
    Choose Your Adventure

    What is "choose your adventure" for sewing? In simple terms, it's niche sewing. Sarai and Haley discuss how a beginner mindset can help you become more advanced as you combine different resources in order to become your own teacher.