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10 Tips for Buying a Sewing Machine That Fits Your Budget

Buying your first sewing machine can be puzzling, and upgrading to a new machine can be overwhelming. In this episode, Sarai and Haley share 10 tips for buying a sewing machine that fits your budget.

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  • Episode 85
    How can I use more of the fabrics I buy?

    Are there fabrics that are gathering dust in your stash? If you can already picture a few unused cuts of fabric, and you’re cringing, Sarai and Haley will share 12 tips to help you use more of the fabric that you buy and buy fabric that you'll use.

  • Episode 84
    How We Sew Through Body Changes

    Sewing shines a bright spotlight on any changes your body might be going through. In this episode, Sarai and Haley share 9 tips for sewing through body changes, big and small.

  • Episode 83
    How do I Quiet My Inner Sewing Critic?

    Do you criticize your sewing more than you would someone else's? We all have an inner critic—a voice that critiques the things we do or make. This inner critic is not something you need to fight; it’s something you need to understand.

  • Episode 82
    Is it Cheaper to Sew Your Own Clothes?

    Is it really cheaper to sew your clothes? Before fast fashion lowered the cost of ready-to-wear clothing, sewing was an economical solution to expensive clothing. Now cheap clothing is just a click away, so that isn't necessarily the case.

  • Episode 81
    This Long Thread with Jen Hewett

    Sarai and Haley talk with Jen about how she wove data and narrative together for her book This Long thread, to create a collection of stories, interviews, and essays that reflect the everyday crafts of BIPOC in a way that honors individuality.

  • Episode 80
    Choose Your Adventure

    What is "choose your adventure" for sewing? In simple terms, it's niche sewing. Sarai and Haley discuss how a beginner mindset can help you become more advanced as you combine different resources in order to become your own teacher.

  • Episode 79
    Find Your Fit

    We want to wear clothes that fit. Learning about fit and applying those lessons to your own sewing practice can be intimidating. Sarai and Haley cover why fitting is a challenge for most people, then provide a simple framework for approaching fit.

  • Episode 78
    Design Your Wardrobe

    Have you ever wanted to tap into your inner designer? Sarai and Haley continue their conversation about the Sewing by Design framework and chat about how building a wardrobe with intention and purpose can transform your sewing practice.

  • Episode 77
    Build Your Practice

    What's the secret to building (and keeping) your sewing momentum? Falling in love with sewing. In this episode, Sarai and Haley continue their conversation about the Sewing by Design framework and discuss how to build a sewing practice that you love.

  • Episode 76
    Lay Your Foundation

    Part 2 of Sewing by Design is Laying Your Foundation. Sewing is ultimately a collection of component skills. Identify the most vital techniques and you can simplify the learning process. This episode covers the 8 skills needed to get started sewing.

  • Episode 75
    Sewing by Design

    Learning how to sew can be hard! Especially when you lack a mentor to guide you on your journey. In this episode, we introduce the Sewing by Design framework and how it can be your roadmap for cultivating your sewing practice at any skill level.

  • Episode 74
    Re-run: A Radical Change in Confidence With Jenny Rushmore

    In one of our favorite episodes from the podcast archives, learn how Jenny overcame childhood bullying and discovered her voice in the sewing community, founding Cashmerette patterns and changing the course of indie sewing history.

  • Episode 73
    Re-run: Daddy Dressed Me With Michael and Ava

    There are a lot of stereotypes surrounding father-daughter relationships. Once Michael knew he was having a daughter, he was determined to make sure she knew how and provided a way to help express herself, and one way he does that is through sewing.

  • Episode 72
    Re-run: Open Up With Jennifer Wiese

    One of our favorite episodes from the archives is an interview with Jennifer Wiese, founder of Workroom Social. In this episode, she tells the story of putting on a major sewing event and the unexpected benefits of being open to mistakes.

  • Episode 71
    Re-run: Let's Talk Money with Heather Lewenza

    One of our favorite episodes from the Seamwork Radio archives is from 2016 with Heather from Closet Core Patterns. In this episode, she talks about something that's a little taboo for us to talk about: money.

  • Episode 70
    Mimi G and Norris: A Sewing Love Story

    Mimi G is loved in the sewing world. So when Mimi introduced the sewing world to her then beau, now husband, Norris Danta Ford in 2015 it was easy to be enchanted by the creative energy and connection they shared. Listen to their love story!

  • Episode 69
    What Can You Learn from Niche Sewing?

    What is niche sewing and how can it supercharge your skills and creativity? In this episode, Sarai and Haley talk about how niche sewing can help you to continuously grow and rediscover the joys of sewing. 

  • Episode 68
    Fave podcasts of 2021 with Love to Sew

    Caroline and Helen from the Love to Sew Podcast join us for this episode! If you're looking for new podcasts to listen to, whether sewing or craft related, storytelling, or (how could we leave it out?) true crime, you'll find something on this show.

  • Episode 67
    Lessons from other hobbies, with Alexia Abegg

    Alexia Abegg is a multi-faceted creator. She works in ceramics, textiles, block printing, and designs fabric for Ruby Star Society. In this episode, you'll learn why you need to give yourself permission to have all the hobbies!

  • Episode 66
    Do I HAVE to sew gifts?

    Do you feel pressure to make gifts this time of year? In this episode, Sarai and Haley talk about how the holiday season creates a perfect storm for crafting-stress, plus some tips for removing pressure while still making gifts with love.

  • Episode 65
    The Decade Project: 5 Lessons So Far

    The decade project is Sarai's challenge to sew 5 garments to wear for the next 10 years. It's taught her 5 key things about designing clothing for longevity, and they're all things you can apply to your own sewing.

  • Episode 64
    What's Your Learning Style?

    There are 2 different approaches to learning—the ambitious learner and the cautious learner. On today's episode of the podcast, we talk about how to identify which type you are, what the benefits and pitfalls are, and how to learn from the other.

  • Episode 63
    How to Build Your Sewing Skills Intentionally

    In this episode, Sarai and Haley talk about how you can build up your sewing skills intentionally while making things you still love.

  • Episode 62
    How Blackbird Fabrics Came To Be, With Caroline Somos

    Caroline didn't set out to open one of the most successful online fabric shops in the sewing community, but she always knew sewing would be a part of her journey. In this episode, she shares how Blackbird Fabrics came to be.