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3 Ways to Wrap Your Gifts in Fabric

Try this sustainable alternative to paper gift wrap.

Posted in: Tutorials & Techniques, Fabric & Textiles • December 18, 2023

Are you looking for sustainable ways to reduce your paper waste? In this tutorial, learn how to make reusable, sustainable gift wrap from the fabric scraps you already have.

This is the final part of our scrap busting series where we show you how to use your fabric scraps to make things that are useful and beautiful. Watch the full scrap busting playlist here on YouTube.

Pick Out the Right Fabric

Pick out a piece of fabric that works for the size of your gift. You might need as little as 1/2 a yard! Both knits and wovens will work for gift wrap.

It helps to finish the edges of your fabric so they don’t fray. You can use pinking shears or give the edges a quick zigzag or serge.

You can miter the corners of your fabric, and they will double as cloth napkins or tea towels. Then you are giving two gifts in one! Here’s a mitered corner tutorial.

If you don’t have enough fabric, you can create a large piece of patchwork fabric from your smaller scraps. Here’s a tutorial for creating patchwork yardage.

Another scrap busting idea is to use a tote bag to wrap your gifts. Here’s a tutorial for making a reversible tote bag using your fabric scraps.

The Knot

Use this method for gifts in square boxes.

First, cut a square of fabric that is four times the width of your gift. Place the box in the center of the fabric.

Fold one corner over the box.

Fold the opposite corner over the box, folding in any excess fabric.

Use a pin to temporarily secure. Gather the two remaining corners and tie in a double knot. Then, remove all pins.

The Classic

Use this method for square or rectangular boxes.

Cut a piece of fabric roughly the size you’d cut to wrap in paper gift wrap.

Place the box in the center of the fabric. Fold one edge over the gift and pull it taut.

Fold the opposite edge in, tucking in the raw edge. Use pins to temporarily secure.

Box the ends using pins to secure them temporarily. Use a ribbon to secure the fabric and remove all the pins.

The Candy Wrapper

Use this method for gifts with an irregular or hard-to-wrap shape.

Cut a piece of fabric twice the length of your gift and wide enough to wrap around plus a couple of inches.

Roll gift in fabric. Fold in raw edge. Use pins to temporarily secure.

Tie each end with a ribbon and remove all pins.

Which method do you like best? Do you have any other ideas for sustainable sewing projects? Comment and share!

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