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5 MORE Sewing YouTube Channels to Follow Right Now

Binge-worthy sewing channels.

Posted in: Makers & Crafts • April 17, 2023

YouTube is such a powerful tool for growing your sewing skills. But how can you sift through all the content out there?

Here are 5 MORE sewing YouTube channels to follow right now. If you want to see the original batch of channels, read this article.

Each channel is different, so below are a few notes about what each channel does best so you can find the channels you want to check out.

Rosery Apparel

Janelle is based in Australia, and she's the maker behind Rosery Apparel.

This channel has such an inspiring aesthetic, with a recognizable color palette and design perspective.

Janelle’s a little newer to the pattern-making scene, starting in 2019 and posting more to YouTube in 2020.

It's fun to see peeks behind the scenes of her brand in her vlogs.

If you want to check out this channel, start with the round-ups of all the things she's made in a season or in a year. She even posts videos rounding up the clothes she's wearing the most.

Give her a follow if you aren't already!

Marcy Harriell (The Handmade Harriells)

You probably recognize Marcy Harriell. She and her partner Rob have a really fun YouTube channel together called The Handmade Harriells.

It can be hard to pick fabric for YouTube videos, and a lot of creators pick neutral colors for tutorials, but Marcy embraces her self-described "technicolor world" and goes for bright shades and prints. You are going to be so inspired by all the fabric!

You'll find everything on her channel. Tutorials, projects, menswear, and some fun bloopers and outtakes.

Follow Marcy and Rob if you aren't already!

Professor Pincushion

Ok, this one is probably for those of you who are newer to YouTube, because Professor Pincushion has over 500,000 followers, and the channel has been around since 2011.

Tova is the famous Professor Pincushion, and she has explored every hidden corner in the sewing world. You'll find a tutorial for almost anything you could imagine on her channel.

So if you want straight-forward, no-fluff, tutorials, head over to her channel. It's definitely worth a subscribe.

Jenna Phipps

If you like an active channel that's all about making things, thrifting, style, and a healthy dose of crochet, follow Jenna Phipps.

Jenna likes to make things! She documents her projects on her channel, and you'll find everything from crochet tutorials to a video about how she made a prom dress for $5 with no pattern.

And if you're on Instagram, she's really active there, too.

So give her a follow and see what new projects she shares!

Glory Allan

Dre Chin is the YouTuber behind Glory Allan, and his channel might be one of the best sewing channels for you to follow right now if you aren't already. Why?

He really breaks down sewing into approachable steps.

Many of his tutorials have accompanying patterns, and teach you total fundamentals, like making a T-shirt, a hoodie, a tote, and cargo pants.

While his content is always focused on beginners, it's so well-produced, tightly edited, and engaging. Even if you've been sewing for a while, it's all fun to watch.

If you happen to be on TikTok or Instagram, it's also worth giving Glory Allan a follow there. His short form videos are just as great.

And those are 5 sewing YouTube channels to follow right now.

Oh, wait, there's one more channel to share—SEAMWORK! Sarai and Haley post new videos each week, including project vlogs, tutorials, and fun sewing tips.

Do you have any YouTube channels you're bingeing lately? Comment and share!

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